Giuliana Rancic: “We Are So Happy”

The road to pregnancy was definitely not an easy one for Giuliana Rancic and her husband Bill Rancic. However, now their tears can be tears of joy.

In a clip from the Style Network, the reality star couple – who officially announced their wonderful pregnancy news this morning – were filmed during the moment they found out that they were going to finally be first-time parents.

“We’ve got the pregnancy test,” the couple’s fertility specialist and founder of the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine Dr. William Schoolcraft says via the telephone. “It’s uh…completely 100 percent positive. She’s carrying a baby.”

“Oh my God,” Giuliana responds, immediately full of emotion.

“Everything went as well as I could have dreamed,” the doctor continues. “Congratulations.”

Through her tears of joy, Giuliana responds, “Thank you, we’re so happy, thank you so much!”

During an appearance on The View this morning, Giuliana says, “It’s just shocking, you know, I thought I would scream, like, ‘Yay!’—now I’m screaming ‘yay’—but it was just like, ‘Wow, finally.’ It was very emotional, it was just so exciting.”

“There was a lot of pressure because Giuliana was starting some cancer treatments and they’d said, ‘You’ve got to be on the bench for five years,’ ” adds Bill. “So we had two embryos that were frozen, and if they didn’t take, we were out of the game. This was it.”

The couple will welcome their first child via gestational surrogate in late summer. Although they are privy to the baby’s gender, the pair say they are “seeing how long” they can remain mum.

Congrats again to Giuliana and Bill.


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  1. There are significant doses of hormones used in IVF. These same hormones have been linked to breast cancer. Also, IVF labs create and destroy more embryos than they use, and they implant more than one in the mother. Many women then will selectively abort certain embryos to avoid multiples (triplets, etc). Surrogacy does the same: creation and destruction of multiple embryos, selective abortion. This is why my husband and I would never do IVF or surrogacy even though we are infertile. It’s worth thinking about.

    • Everyone who goes into IVF thinks about it, the risks are spelled out and other information is available. None of my embryo’s have been destroyed, after 4 rounds I am 24 weeks pregnant with our miracle triplets and IVF was the best thing we have ever done. We plan to try for another baby after the triplets, and if all our embryo’s are not used we will donate them to other struggling couples, I know this option is not for everyone but I feel that it is the most ethical way of tackling such a difficult issue. Having a baby was my biggest goal in life and I am so thankful that IVF has allowed my wish to come true.

  2. I think it’s kind of self-absorbed to withhold the gender of the baby. It’s like they’re going, “Nana-nana boo boo!” LOL. They have so many fans who have been with them every step of the way and who are happy and excited for them, and I think trying to keep THIS a secret (when all other aspects of their lives are public) is just weird and self-absorbed. Like, what’s the point??

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