January Jones & Xander: Friendly Family Fun

Mad Men actress January Jones was spotted spending the day with some unidentified friends and her 7-month-old baby boy Xander on Saturday (April 21) in Los Angeles, Calif.

The 34-year-old mama – who has remained mum on the identity of her first born’s father – kept things casual for her day out donning a white top, a pair of denim and some black open-toed shoes. Little Xander was toted the entire trip by the unidentified female in stripes while the accompanying male – who was rumored to be one of the possible fathers Matthew Vaughan – pushed the empty stroller.

January was recently photographed with Xander after a visit to a doctor’s office in Los Angeles, Calif.


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  1. Although my bet is on MV as the father, I dont think thats him in the pic. This guy doesnt look like him based on the pap pics I’ve seen. And I dont think Claudia Schiffer would be too happy about her husband being in this kind of pic, either! (Unless its some sort of secret Hollywood deal thing, like celebs do to protect paternity, cheating, etc). Who knows. Oh well whoever baby daddy is, its a damn well kept secret for now I guess!

  2. I am still convinced that baby looks just like Jason Sudeikus. I mean come on, they were dating up to right when she got pregnant.

  3. like the previous posters said, that is DEFINITELY not matthew vaughn.

    and i would just like to say – that is DEFINITELY jason sudeikis’ son. it’s all in the ears people, it’s all in the ears. seriously google image him and find a pic where you can see his ears.

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