Jessica Alba: The Honest Company Is A “Labor Of Love”

During her recent blog for the website iVillage, mother-of-two and actress Jessica Alba opens up about the two little reasons behind her decision to establish and launch her new green product line called The Honest Company.

“As a lot of new parents do, when I was pregnant with my first daughter Honor, I spent a ton of time looking for the best baby gear,” she begins. “Personally, I wanted to find natural and non-toxic products, but it was confusing to filter through the clutter of what was truly eco-friendly, what the different green claims meant, if it applied to the packaging or the ingredients inside.”

“The greenwashing and confusion was really tough to navigate — I really can’t imagine how many hours I spent researching all of it,” Jess continues. “And, when I finally found the different products I wanted, I would have to go to literally a minimum of 10 different brands — all distributed in different places — to stock my home.”

“I loved the idea of being able to get everything I needed from one company and being able to trust that it would truly be eco and safe, so I decided to create — because I needed it!” she reveals. “In addition to the non-toxic factor, I decided I wanted to make these products that were also more affordable and more aesthetically pleasing. What can I say — I’m a modern, colorful person and I like beautiful things!”

Although the company has “taken over three years to develop,” Jessica insists her efforts were definitely “a labor of love.”

“I test everything on my own kids (it has to work!),” she reveals. “Now I have a shampoo and conditioner that work on Honor’s fine, curly hair. And I have adorable diapers for Haven (one of my favorite designs is the skull and crossbones) and they never leak. (Seriously, I used to have to double up other natural diapers to avoid overnight leaks.) And I have cleaners that really get the job done (I even tested our all-purpose cleaner on our grill!) and they’re all safe enough to use around my girls.”

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