LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian’s Soccer Mix-Up

Country crooner LeAnn Rimes, 29, and husband Eddie Cibrian, 38, were photographed with his son Jake, 5, in Los Angeles, Calif. on Sunday (April 22). The trio were seen arriving at a soccer game at the wrong time. Leaving as soon as they arrived, LeAnn looked lovely in a white summer dress and wedge sandals (which she was quick to remove).

Jake was all smiles in his soccer uniform as he walked alongside his dad and stepmom. On the other hand, Eddie – who is also dad to 8-year-old son Mason with ex-wife Brandi Glanville – looked upset at the mix-up as they immediately made their way back to the car.

But their day got better!

The couple celebrated their first year wedding anniversary that same day. LeAnn took to Twitter to show off the giant ring her husband gave her. “I have a very thoughtful husband with GREAT taste!!!!” she tweets.

She proceeded to write several posts about their 1-year anniversary celebrations.

“Sitting w/ Eddie reading Kahlil Gibran. Amazing quote…. “Is there a greater fault than being conscious of the other person’s faults?” she tweets. “We have had the most wonderful first anniversary weekend in Malibu. We stayed at the house where we got hitched,” she continues. “We chilled & ate cake under the tree where we got married,” she tells fans.

The controversial couple wed April 22, 2011, in an intimate ceremony at a private Californian residence. This is the second marriage for both parties; Rimes split from backup dancer Dean Sheremet, while Cibrian left then-wife Brandi Glanville, each allegedly to be with the other after having met on the 2009 TV movie Northern Lights.


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  1. Just when you think Eddie and Leann couldn’t possibly stoop any lower…they exploited the child for his birthday two years in a row and now they use his soccer game to exploit him again? Of course Leann looked lovely; afterall, this was a STAGED photo-op. So once again instead of calling Leann and Eddie out for exploiting the child, the media glorifies their bad behavior and writes a fluffpiece about how lovely Leann’s dress is? Shouldn’t one be concerned about how the paps got the timing wrong, just like Leann and Eddie? How exactly do the paps know when the child’s mother isn’t going to be at the game? Why is Leann going to a soccer game dressed like she is going to a wedding? Because this wasn’t about the child, again this was about Leann using him to benefit her own purposes.

    Of course the child is all smiles, he doesn’t know any better, but Leann and Eddie should, considering that Eddie made a big fuss over how he didn’t want his kids to experience ANY TYPE of public exposure. So Leann wants us to believe that a man who so carelessly pimps out his own child is the same thoughtful man who picked out that ring and necklace for her?

  2. Once again this site proves that have a deal with Leann Rimes. Even Leann’s other mouthpieces haven’t posted these photos yet and the one media outlet who did post about this staged photo-op pointed out that this supports that Leann is tipping off the paps because why else would the paps show up to the game at the WRONG time just like Eddie and Leann did? And they also pointed out how funny it is that she is wearing a wedding dress because she knew that the paps would be there because she called them. This is precisel why Eddie has such a hard time getting people to watch anything he is on. Why would anyone watch or support any show he appears on when he is famewhoring and exploiting his own kids in the process. This is an ultimate low.

  3. What the heck did they do with his other kid? The older son? You know, on another site, someone commented that her dress looks like a valance. I can see why. She would be great in a remake of “Gone With the Wind,” wearing her valance. So, tell us, was she planning to plunk herself down on Brandi’s blanket again during the game, maybe to have anniversary sex in full view of the other families? How disappointing for her. Don’t know if you’re aware of this, but her ring converts to a vibrator. Something to occupy her while Eddie reads to soothe his guilt. A volume of Khalil Gibran, a shot of Don Julio, and thou. So where is the other kid? Isn’t this the “babyscoop” site? Aren’t you concerned? About the other kid?

    • It’s not this site’s job to worry about where the other kid is. They’re a gossip site, not a government agency. They post the pictures they get.

      • And it’s not their job to support adult who exploit young children, and yet here they are glorifying Leann and Eddie AGAIN. It’s odd how you are getting upset because someone pointed out how the other child isn’t pictured in this staged photo-op. Why would a question like that result in such a response? Because drawing attention to the other boys absence just hightlights just how evil Leann and Eddie are?

        Nope, since Leann was seen tweeting to someone from this site, it’s more likely they post because Leann requested it. Notice how they made sure to emphasize Leann’s lovely dress?

        • “And it’s not their job to support adult who exploit young children”

          Sure it is. They exploit TONS of adults who exploit their young children every single day.

          • @11:09

            Wow, CAMP LEANN is really upset because someone dared to question why these two child exploiters are being glorified.

            So please tell us out the TONS of adults who exploit their young children, how many of them were see tweeting to someone from this site?

            How many of those TONS of adults sit on twitter 24/7 tweeting about another woman’s kids?

            Out of those TONS adults how many expressed to a court that they didn’t want their kids to experience any type of public exposure?

            Out of those TONS of adults how many threatened to sue their ex if the kids appeared on their show?

            How many of those TONS of adults expose the kids to both men and women (ie-DB and his partner, Mateo, Stace2u, D, M, AJ, etc…)who openly bashed their mother on twitter?

            How many of those TONS adults were photographed wearing sheer shirts and dresses with no bra while attending the child’s soccer game or birthday party?

            So no matter how you spin it, there is absolutely no way to justify Leann and Eddie’s behavior because the things they do go far beyond what any other celeb has done. What type of person allows people like DB and Stace2u around their kids when those very same people openly trash the mother of the kids?

        • The only person getting upset here is you. As usual.

          “Why would a question like that result in such a response?”

          Because it was the truth. If you don’t like the truth, don’t ask questions.

          And I still don’t understand why you think anyone cares if the photos were staged. This site obviously doesn’t care. They post everything, staged, candid, whatever. It doesn’t matter how many times you keep bringing it up, they are going to continue to post the pictures and they are going to continue to ignore you.

          • Watch out, you’re now going to be accused of being Janna or NYC Mommy or one of a dozen other names simply because you dared to disagree with little Miss ObsessedWithLeannRimesAndHasToWriteEpicNovelsAboutHerEverySingleTimeAPhotoIsPosted! 🙂

          • What do you want to bet that just min before or after making the 3 posts in this thread, JANNA/NYC Mommy showed up in another thread just minutes later or before? If you don’t want to get called out then perhaps you should learn to think before you post. You are your own worst enemy. You say the very same thing that we all saw you post as Janna/NYC Mommy/Grace.

            I love how you returned at 1 pm and responded to the posts that you left earlier in the thread to provide yourself with an alibi. Haven’t we seen you pull that trick before? BTW, don’t forget how you stated that you doubt that many people would be posting in these threads because no one cares enough ? And now you are singing a different tune and whining because you know it’s going to be traced back to you.

            We know that JANNA/NYC Mommy is ObsessedWithLeannRimesAndHasToWriteEpicNovelsAboutHerEverySingleTimeAPhotoIsPost

          • @5:37

            Since you tweet with Leann and talk to her on the phone everyday, we all know that you do. Now why would asking where is the other child send you into such a fit of rage?

            Since you came back and made another post, then by your own logic that makes you obsessed and a nut job. Oh wait, that is right, your rules and standards don’t seem to apply to you.

          • Oh trust me, I know. I do try to resist toying with the resident nutjob, but eventually I always give in. Baiting her (him? it?) is just too much fun.

          • @5:26

            Yeah, yeah, yeah, We have heard this all before. And as usual it’s your way of trying to save face. In that case, we could all use the same excuse on you right? People bait you because it’s too much fun. Funny how that works? When you come here to post it’s because you are having fun and baiting, but when others do it, you call them names? Why do you resort to name calling? Because you are not very bright?

            You got upset because someone asked where the other child was, and you want to call others a nutjob?

            Oh trust, everyone knows it’s you JANNA/NYCMommy. Because before and after you post here, you go to other threads and make posts. Many people don’t want to resist toying with you because they are tired of you being the resident nutjob. No one is going to give in just because you call them names and them make posts to yourself to convince everyone that others agree with you. Baiting you is just too much fun!!!!!

            BTW do you work for this site or something because why else would you constantly throw these tantrums when someone challenges the article?

          • I told you already, you are the only one who is upset. I am having quite a good time, actually. Sitting at my desk all day is boring drudgery, and your brand of crazy provides me with entertainment. The only tantrums here are the ones you are throwing every time you comment.

            And it’s hilarious that you think I work for the site. Anyone with half a brain can obviously tell that I don’t, but I guess that doesn’t include you. But hey, as long as you think I do, let me take this opportunity to ask you to stop infecting the site in general and the Leann Rimes posts in particular with your insane rantings. It discourages other people from making legitimate comments and disrupts the comment thread. No one cares about the substance of your comments or what you have to say about Leann Rimes. The only thing they are ever commenting on is you and how crazy you are.

          • @10:38

            Yeah, yeah, yeah, how many times have we heard this from you? You are just trying to save face because you know that your response to where the other child was, wasn’t justified.

            You know what I find funny, that everything you write can be applied directly to you. Are you just too dense to understand this or your loyalty to Leann is just that strong. So here’s hoping that one day you take the advice you dish out on this site. And in honor of your hypocrisy:

            I am having quite a good time, actually. Sitting at my desk all day is boring drudgery, and your brand of crazy provides me with entertainment. The only tantrums here are the ones you are throwing every time you comment. Anyone with half a brain can tell that only someone who works for the site would throw the tantrums that we see from you. Stop infecting the site in general and the Leann Rimes posts in particular with your insane rantings. It discourages other people from making legitimate comments and disrupts the comment thread. No one cares about the substance of your comments or what you have to say about Leann Rimes. The only thing they are ever commenting on is you and how crazy you are. Have a nice day JANNA/NYCMommy!!!!!

          • “save face” from what? I don’t regret the response to the “other child” question, and I would make it again if someone asked the same question. I’m not embarrassed by my response, quite the opposite. I stand by it and take responsibility for it. So I don’t really know what you’re talking about.

          • @9:16

            So now you are playing dumb. If you don’t know what I am talking about why then did you just write another paragraphing trying to convince me that you don’t regret what you did and said? You do regret it and you are embarrassed by your response, it’s why you keep coming back each and everyday to “bait”. Of course you would make the comment again, you are also the same person who calls other posters nutjobs despite the fact that you come back each and everyday to make 5-6 posts claiming that you are having fun, when in reality you just can’t come up with a valid response.

            Seriously if you stood by your post and took responsiblity for it, then you wouldn’t be here making excuses for your behavior.

            So how long have you worked for this site?

          • Seriously what type of person sits on sites baiting people? And then you brag about it like it’s something to be proud of. So that makes you a nutjob. Besides, everyone knows that you pull out the “I bait for fun” comment when you can’t come up a valid argument to defend what you said in your posts. So it’s more than likely that you are using the “I bait for fun” line because you are trying to save face. And then the funny part is that people can use your very own logic against you. Seriously, you spent all this time on writing a post about baiting because someone called you out why you overreacted to someone asking where the other child was.

            I am starting to think that you work for this site because you are just way too defensive and then you whine about how this site has to post about these celebs as if they don’t have a choice like to justify supporting these Leann and Eddie.

          • @12:59

            Wow, so once again you are rewriting history. Why deny what your post says when we can clearly see it? Like I told you when you pulled this very same stunt in another thread and the thread before that, either you have major comprehension problems or you are in major denial. Go back and read what you wrote. Can you honestly sit there and tell us that your response to where the other child was, was justified? It wasn’t. You know that it wasn’t justified, which is why you came back today throwing yet another major tantrum. There was absolutely no reason for you to respond to that poster in that manner just because she/he asked where the other child was. That wasn’t truth. It sounded like you were trying to hide something.

            Obviously you do understand why we call Leann out for staging these photo-ops. The fact that you sit here and whine everytime we call her out for setting up the staged photo-ops is proof of that. The fact that you try to justify her setting up the staged photo-ops by arguing that “they post everything, staged, candid, whatever” is proof enough that you clearly do understand why we call Leann out for setting up the staged photo-ops. You honestly think it’s okay for Leann and Eddie to set up these staged photo-ops when Eddie made it very clear that he didn’t want his kids to experience ANY TYPE of staged photo-op? So why would anyone believe that Eddie is loves Leann when he can’t exploits his own kids like this?

            Like I told you when you made the very same comment in another thread, Leann was seen tweeting to someone from this site, so I am not surprised by the fact that this site continues to post the photos of Leann and ignore what their readers. But obviously what I am saying must be having an impact because you flip out everytime and then this site holds off on posting articles about Leann or they try to appease it by posting a photo of the kids with their mother.

            BTW, this site doesn’t post everything candid or staged, so there is a major flaw in your logic. Take for instance how this site rarely posts photos of the kids with their mother unless someone makes a big fuss about it or they try to make up for a staged photo-op that they are going to post or have posted of Leann with the kids. This site posted twitpics of Leann and the kids, yet they didn’t bother to post any twitpics of the kids with their mother. Speaks volumes.

            So how long are you going to go on this tantrum?

          • “Can you honestly sit there and tell us that your response to where the other child was, was justified?”

            Yes. That was an easy question. You really are not very good at this, you know.

            And I only see one person throwing a tantrum here, and it’s the one I’m responding to.

          • @5:18

            Well you do have a very bad habit of seeing what you want to see, so I am not surprised by the fact that you continue to argue that it’s everyone else who threw the tantrum even though everyone can clearly see your response to the poster who asked where the other child was.

            It’s obvious that you are not good at this, hence why you try to save face by claiming that you do this because it’s fun or you enjoy baiting. That isn’t normal. You do the “baiting” because in your mind you are trying to protect Leann.

  4. omg…the dress looks like something my grandma would try to make me wear. And this article … does Leanne write this stuff herself? It’s ridiculous. The other interesting thing is that Ed is losing his looks fast. Poor Leanne never had much in the beauty department and the surgeries and expensive clothes actually made it worse. The public is laughing at her… when is she going to figure that out?

  5. What a double standard. Remember when Eddie had a major problem with his kids being on RHOBH and threathened to sue Brandi if they made cameos on the show( Eddie Cibrian to Ex: Keep Our Kids Off ‘Housewives; TMZ; 5/6/2011), and yet as we can clearly see those same standards and rules somehow don’t seem to apply to him or Leann as evidenced by the fact that he has no problem with Leann inviting the paps to his son’s soccer games, tweeting and posting twitpics of the boys on her twitter and to the blog, which she uses for work purposes? Shouldn’t the media be calling him out his double standards?

    What makes this even more disgusting is the fact that during their custody battle Eddie gave Brandi a hard time about the kids being photographed by the paps. He accused Brandi of calling the paps and stated that he didn’t want his kids to experience ANY TYPE of public exposure( TMZ;12/9/11)He practically depicted Brandi as a evil woman because his kids faces and names were in a tabloid. Yet here we are again seeing the kids faces and names plastered all over blogs and in tabloids because Leann called the paps and makes over 20 tweets about them everyday. Shouldn’t Eddie be held by the same standard that he imposed on Brandi?

    Let’s not forget Eddie’s interview with Rachel Ray where he stated that he protected his kids from the paps and press. So what went wrong? Everytime the kids come in contact with Leann, their faces and names are plastered everywhere. Why does Eddie allow Leann to tweet and post twitpics of the kids, if he was that interested in protecting his kids?

    It appears as if Eddie is attempting to control Brandi by using his own kids as weapons against her. Why? Why would he still be interested in controlling Brandi if he has moved on and is in love with Leann?

  6. Wow, Eddie is even more disgusting than we thought. Stace2u sits on twitter trash talking Brandi, she says some really mean and nasty thing things. Yet Leann Skypes with her all the time and now she was seen bragging about how Eddie sent her a text. So Eddie is sending texts to a woman whom he knows for a fact bashes the mother of his children? And then some people can’t understand why people call Leann out on these staged photo-ops. So how can Eddie be a thoughtful man when he is in contact with someone like Stace2u? And this is why people cringe and are digusted when sites try to push the “happy family” campaign.

      • If people don’t call Leann out on staging photo-ops and if no one else cares if the photos are staged how then do you explain this:

        1) Exposarazzi. It’s a website you should check out, they have some great articles pointing out how you know that Leann’s photos are staged. They even pointed out how one of the staged photo-ops of Eddie and Leann in Cabo that appeared all over the web was taken from inside their suite. The only way the paps could get inside the suite is via Leann and Eddie.

        2) Leann’s interview on Chelsea Lately, where Chelsea flat out stated to Leann, “some people think that you stage/set/tip off the paps”. Why would Chelsea feel the need to address that question if no one cared or wasn’t calling Leann out on staging photo-ops?

        3) One of the headlines generated from Sunday’s soccer mix-up:
        “LeAnn Rimes called the paparazzi for a photo op, but she gave them the wrong time.”

        4) Leann is always on twitter addressing the issue. If people weren’t talking or concerned about Leann setting up the staged photo-ops, why would Leann be on twitter trying to explain how the paps got photos of her and Eddie at his son’s soccer game or on the beaches?

        5) From Popsugar:

        “LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Love the Cameras — Are They the New Heidi and Spencer?Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have been the reigning King and Queen of ridiculously staged photo ops for the past few years, though there may be some new competition on the scene. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian seem to share Heidi and Spencer’s flair for drama, posing for a serious engagement shoot and silly bikini beach strolls.”

        6) Once again, you are in these threads posting, so I know that you see the other posters calling Leann and Eddie out on using the kids to keep themselves relevant.

        7) From Yahoo:

        “LeAnn Rimes: As far as I’m concerned she might just be the WORST of the year. I literally scream every day when I see the staged photo-op of her fug mug and that dirtbag z-list CSI extra husband of hers.”

        8) Someone posted a photo to their twitter page of Leann at the airport sitting in a truck before the paps arrived and waiting for the paps to get there. So the paps are not following or waiting for Leann at the airport like she has been telling her fans.

        9) More headlines where another media outlet addresses the issue of Leann setting up staged photo-ops:

        “LeAnn Rimes Staging More Posey Photo Ops During Maui: LeAnn Rimes packed an endless supply of bikinis for her Maui vacation. Well, it’s less of a vacation and more of a chance to stage further contrived photo ops in which she’s posing HARD and looking directly down the lens, craning her neck if need be.”

        10)The amount of time and energy you put into “baiting”. You claim that you do it because you are having fun and bored, but that isn’t normal. If you had any common sense, you would understand why people find your reasons for coming back here everyday to make 5-6 posts/visit so laughable. The best part of your “baiting” is that it calls into question why anyone would continue to support Leann and Eddie given the evidence of their bad behavior. You thought you were having fun and all you just did was make people even more aware of Leann’s lies and deceptions.

          • @10:41

            Says the poster who just took the time and energy to write a post just to say that no one on this website cares? Seriously, I know that you are not very bright, but you can’t possibly be this dumb. If no one cared, you wouldn’t have taken the time and energy to come back and write TWO more “no one cares” posts. Come on now, you are hurting your own argument.

            So let’s break it down. You are posting on this website, in fact you come back each and everyday to make 3-5 posts/visit. Yes we know that you are wasing your time because in the time that it took for you to make post 10:41, Leann could be sending you more personal information about Brandi.

            Seriously why are Leann “fans” so dense?

        • You just wrote a 10-point rebuttal (that nobody will read) about people you profess not to care about and you have the balls to tell someone else that they’re not normal?!?! LOL… that’s rich!

          Why are you driving so much traffic to this site with all your replies if not to bring attention to these people? Why are you trying to give them MORE publicity?

          • @2:09

            Why does this sound so familiar? Because you wrote the very same thing in the other thread, and the thread before that, and the thread before that, and the thread before that. I always find it funny that Leann fans think that they can stop the negative feedback by arguing that the posts are actually helping Leann. Like we told you in the other thread, if the replies are helping Leann, then how come she is hardly ever included in the top 10 popular family lists on this site or on other sites? Surely if I am driving the traffic up with my replies, wouldn’t there be some evidence to show for that? Like Leann being listed as one of the top 10 favorite/popular families or “mothers” on this site? And if this was making Leann more and more popular, then how come she has had such a hard time getting people to buy her albums and her singles?

            Woe is the “no one cares if Leann stages photo-ops” poster, how dare someone provide evidence to contradict her posts. Who does that? What type of person would dare provide the “no one cares if Leann stages photo-ops” poster with 10 examples of people calling Leann out on staging photo-ops? The horror. Seriously, what did you think was going to happen? Besides, why are you even shocked by the fact that your comment was met with 10 examples contradicting you, you do this in every thread so you should be able to anticipate this.

            Are you seriously whining because people told you that your behavior isn’t normal? You were the one bragging about how you have fun “baiting” others. I love how you sit here and call other posters names, but then you whine when the shoe is on the other foot. You call others nutjobs, but then you can’t take it when someone says that what you are doing isn’t normal?

            And I love your damage control. So after providing 10 examples of people calling Leann out for staging photo-ops, you then change your argument and say that no one on this WEBSITE cares. No one on this WEBSITE cares, and yet you have made how many posts about Leann staging photo-ops? Here let’s count. So if no one on this website cares if Leann stages photo-ops, then how do you explain the posts that were made by you on:

            1) Apr 23, 2012 @ 05:41 pm

            2)Apr 24, 2012 @ 11:09 am

            3) Apr 24, 2012 @ 12:59 pm

            4) Apr 24, 2012 @ 05:26 pm

            5) Apr 25, 2012 @ 10:38 am

            6) Apr 25, 2012 @ 09:16 pm

            7) Apr 24, 2012 @ 05:18 pm

            8) Apr 25, 2012 @ 05:38 pm

            9)Apr 25, 2012 @ 10:41 pm

            10) Apr 26, 2012 @ 02:09 pm

            11) Apr 25, 2012 @ 07:56 am

            12) Apr 26, 2012 @ 12:19 pm

  7. Out of all country singer celebs, Leann Rimes is my favorite. I love her and her family. Her husband is hot and I’d do him in a NY minute. Her (step)kids are adorable and they all always look so happy together. It’s too bad that they had to cheat to build their family, but they’ve apologized and moved on and so should everyone else ESPECIALLY for those for whom this is none of their business.

    And to the kooky stalker lady: I doubt that the man’s ex-wife needs you defending her at every turn. She seems like a strong woman who could rise above this nonsense without your help. If she feels like her kids are being exploited, there is a court system to deal with that. Let her deal with her own issues on her own. You just sound crazy.

    • Hi Stace2u/DRP2u

      When did Leann apologize and move on? When she was sending you personal information about Brandi and Eddie so that you could then take that information to Star magazine? Seriously Stace2u, how many posts a day do you make about Brandi on twitter, and then you have the nerve to tell others to move on? If this is none of our business, then the next time Eddie sends you a text or Leann talks to you over the phone tell her to shut up and lay low.

      And to the kooky stalker lady who sits on twitter trashing Brandi: I doubt that Leann needs you defending her at every turn. She seems like a weak woman who can’t rise above this nonsense without the “help” of people like you. If Leann feels like her stepkids are being not being exploited by you, DB, Mateo, Amejean, and ginger, there is a court system to deal with that. Let Leann deal with her own issues on her own. You just sound crazy.

        • @12:19

          And you said no one cares. It’s funny, you go through all that trouble to write posts proclaiming that no one cares, only to show up and write TWO posts about how no one cares and a post staing {YAWN}? And the really sad thing is that you still are too dumb to see how that makes you look? So once again you are trying to save face because you couldn’t come up with anything in defense of yourself. Well at least your {YAWN} post makes it very clear that you are STACE2u.

          I didn’t know that Stace2u worked at CBS. Didn’t she also say that she worked at Bravo?

          It’s nice to know that what I am saying is getting to you, to the point where you are going out of your way to “bait”.

  8. No wonder someone was getting all upset about people calling Leann out for staging photo-ops.

    Leann did an interview with Eddie for Extra(another media outlet that often uses to write nice things about her) and can you guess what she did? Once again, she used Eddie’s kids to promote her marriage to Eddie. It’s odd that Eddie would sit in that interview with Leann and continue to allow Leann to exploit his kids like that. What is even more disgusting is the timing of the interview. This interview was done on April 14, so why is it being released now? I guess this is apart of Leann’s mega media “I made it to 1 year with a man who sells out his own kids for a watch and car” blitz. And why are they asking her about married like when she has been married before? Seriously well it’s obvious which media outlets Leann is paying off!!

    I find it funny that someone has been going off simply because they knew that Leann the interview where Leann exploits Eddie’s kids to promote her marriage was coming out. From the looks of it, the interview just made the backlash against Leann even worse.

    • I hope they continue with their staged photo ops on a daily basis.

      I hope they win custody of both of boys and get to raise them as their own.

      I hope that Leann gets pregnant with twin girls so their family will be complete.

      I hope that Leann makes another hit record.

      I hope that Eddie gets another television series and wins an Emmy.

      I hope that Brandi goes back into the oblivion that she came from and takes her fake plastic frog lips, silicone bolt-ons and Botox-skin with her.

      • When all that happens, I just hope the inevitable nervous breakdown our stalker will suffer doesn’t cause him/her/it to take things to the extreme and hurt someone. It’s one thing to post insane screeds on the internet like this, but there have been too many cases of stalkers trying to hurt the people they’re obsessed with.

        • @4:03

          Speaking of insane creeds on the internet:

          1) When you argue that no one cares that Leann stages photo-ops and then you throw a tantrum when someone provides 10 examples to contradict you.

          2) When you write post after post about how no one on this site that Leann stages photo-ops, and then you return and write over 20 posts about Leann staging photos(see the post that was made at 3:16 pm today ).

          3) When you call other posters insane or nutjob, despite the fact that you show up each and everyday and write posts about how you have fun baiting other posters.

          4) When you are being a hypocrite or pulling a double standard. For instance, when you show up to post, you argue that it’s because you are having fun baiting. But when others do it you scream that they are stalkers or you resort to name calling.

          5) When you are so desperate to have someone agree with you that you have conversations with yourself. For instance, how you showed up at 4:03 to make a post in support of the post you made at 3:16.

          6) When you talk about people being stalkers and hurting the people that they are obsessed with, despite in the post you made at 3:16 today, you just said that you hope Leann and Eddie take the kids away from Brandi.

          7) When you rewrite history and act like the victim when someone applies your logic to you. Or when you continue to argue that your posts doesn’t say what it says.

          8) When you got upset over the fact that someone asked where the other child was and have been on a tantrum everyday since then.

          9) When you sit on twitter and stalk and harass Brandi.

          10) When you accidently reveal that just as we suspected, Leann Rimes is indeed reading on this site and has been posting here. Because why else would you perceive commenting on a message board that supposedly has no association to Leann what so ever as stalking her. Why should Leann be concerned about anyone who is providing evidence that SHE put out there as a threat? Unless of course Leann thinks that the information that is being revealed will ruin her relationship with the media outlet.

          • @12:44

            You came back and made another post? In your case it’s CREED. I’ll post the definition for you and let you figure out why CREED was an appropriate word to use in regard to your posts and the time and energy you put into coming back to make posts despite the fact that you claimed that no one cares.

            CREED: ” system of belief, principles, or opinions”

          • Oh FFS, I wrote the word in the first place, I’m pretty sure I know what I intended to say. I wrote SCREED, I meant SCREED.

          • @8:15

            So basically what post 8:15 translates into is that you don’t have the mental capacity to understand why the word CREED was the appropriate word to use in regards to your posts, which you make in every thread. I’m not surprised by the fact that you are struggling with this concept or the fact that your mind can’t move from SCREEDS to CREEDS, Leann’s fans are usually too dumb for their own good. There is no sense in arguing what you meant since my post is addressing YOUR system of beliefs and opinions, which you share with us each and everyday in every thread you visit.

            Hey I heard that you are on another site making posts in other posters names. Now why would you do a thing like that and do your bosses on this site know that you are on other sites harassing others?

            So I can add another INSANE CREED to your post list: When you can’t come up with a valid point, make mean and nasty posts in other posters names.

      • @3:16

        Wow, you came back and made two more posts, and you said that no one on this website cares if Leann stages photo-ops.

        Leann was spotted tweeting to someone from this site, so we know that this site is going to continue to post these staged photo-ops of Leann glorifying her bad behavior.

        Stace2u is that what Leann is telling you that they are trying to get full custody of the boys? Do you know the fallout that Leann and Eddie will have if they did that? Is this why Brandi won’t do anything about Leann tweeting and setting up staged photo-ops with the boys because they have threatened to take the kids from her if she puts up a fight?

        Of course Leann will attempt to get pregnant with twin girls remember Leann is still trying to upstage Brandi because Eddie still has feelings for Brandi, which is odd because if Eddie loved Leann why does Leann seem to think that she is in some competition with Brandi?

        Leann got Eddie a gig on Rizzoli and Isles by calling in a favor from one of her friends. When it was annouced that Eddie would be on the show, it was was met with a lot of backlash from the viewers just like many people complained when he was given the lead The Playboy Club. Which was canceled only after 3 episodes because people didn’t like Eddie. Eddie winning an Emmy? Just like he was nominated for an Emmy for CSI, Chase, Invasion, The Playboy Club, his Hallmark movie, and etc… Oh wait, that didn’t happen because Eddie can’t act and people are so turned off by him and Leann’s staged photo-ops that they refuse to support any show he is on.

        But Leann has plastic frog lips, silicone bolt-ons, and Botox-skin, so what is your point? How many surgeries has Leann had since she has been with Eddie?

        So that is what this is about? Leann is upset because Brandi is getting more attention than she is? It’s not surprising that Leann wants Brandi to disappear, Eddie still has feelings for Brandi. Of course Leann wants Brandi to disappear, isn’t that what we have been saying all along by the fact that Leann copies Brandi’s clothes, acts like she is the mother of Brandi’s kids, and slept with Brandi’s husband? Leann wants to be Brandi.

  9. @4:03

    And you said that no one on this website cares if Leann stages photo-ops. So basically you are upset because someone dared to provide evidence against you and yet you keep coming back and writing insane creeds that you complain about? Why are Leann “fans” full of double standards? If you are going to complain about anyone posting insane stuff, you should stop posting.

    “OUR”? HAHAHAHAHAHA We all know that you made post 3:16, so why would you come back and make another post at 4:03 to yourself? Were you that desperate to have someone agree with you? You said it yourself, no one cares enough to post in these threads, so based on your own logic you made both posts 3:16 and 4:03.

    Based on the fact that you keep coming back to make 3-5 posts/visit everyday despite claiming that no one cares, we already know that you have had a nervous breakdown(you are even talking to yourself), which has caused you to take things to the extreme and hurt Brandi glanville by harassing her on twitter using mutiple twitter names, harassing her supporters by contacting their places of employment, and now you are here bragging about how Leann told you that she is going to take the kids away from Brandi.

    Please explain how commenting on a message board is stalking? Because then by your own logic, that makes you a stalker and means that CBS should be very worried that you will attack their other commentors. So thanks for admitting that you are a stalker and that CBS should have banned you when they had the chance. But since you work here it makes sense why they won’t ban you.

    Secondly, are you saying that Leann Rimes is reading this site and commenting in these threads. Thanks again for proving that Leann has a deal with this site.

    Thirdly, this is a staged photo-op that Leann Rimes put out there. So your “stalking” concept doesn’t apply, especially since Leann could have avoided it by not setting up the staged photo-op. So the only people at fault are Leann Rimes and the media outlet who glorified her behavior.

    Fourth, if you really want to speak abuot cases of stalkers trying to hurt the people they are obsessed with then let’s talk about all the mean and nasty things that Stace2u, Amejean, ginger, dobbie, darrell brown, mateo, Leann’s road manager, DB partner, and many of Leann’s twitter fans have said and done to Brandi and her supporters. You hurt your own argument because even in post 3:16 you are saying that Leann is so obsesed with having Brandi’s life that she will do anything to get it. What type of media outlet would continue to post about Leann after seeing that from one of Leann’s fans?

    How long have you worked for this site? BTW, thanks for proving just how much no one on this site website cares about Leann staging photo-ops.

    Hi Leann Rimes!!!!!!!

      • @12:47

        Trust, you work for this site, hence why you haven’t been banned a long time ago. So I take it your fellow writers have no clue that in your “spare time”(ie-while you are sitting at your desk bored out of your mind) you are visiting these articles and posing as “fans”?

        You are probably the person Leann was tweeting with from this site. Explains a lot!

  10. No wonder @3:16/4:03 is so upset with Brandi and wants Brandi to disappear. How dare Brandi steal Leann’s thunder. This was Leann’s week to shine, not Brandi’s. Leann has been tweeting up a storm about her 1 year anniversary and her “kids”, releasing two week old interviews to hype up her 1 year anniversay, and sending the paps tweets about where to find her and Eddie, and all of that soon gets forgotten when one of Leann’s very own mouthpieces reports today that Brandi is an offical housewife on the show. That’s got to hurt Leann’s feelings, it’s the same media outlet that Leann has used against Brandi. How could Star/Radaronline betray Leann like that?

    If Eddie and Leann keep staging photo-ops with the kids, then they can’t complain if Brandi allows the boys to make minor cameos on the show, now can they? So Leann’s last resort to try to get Brandi kicked off the show is to make threats on a site that people already think that Leann visits about how they are going to take the kids away from her?

    Can you see the headlines: Leann and Eddie try to get full custody of the boys because Brandi is a fulltime castmember on RHOBH despite the fact that Leann and Eddie set up weekly staged photo-ops with them?

    • Brandi isn’t even a freaking housewife!! She’s some old hag that got passed over for someone less frigid with a personality!! LLLLLOL

      • @5:19

        Wow, another thing we can add to your list of INSANE CREEDS. So you come back to this thread and seeing that your SCREEDS posts backfired and you got outted for using other people’s names on other sites, you are now resorting to trashing Brandi, just like you sit on twitter doing all day long. And other than making people dislike Leann even more and wonder why some media outlets post about Leann, what did you accomplish? You just made it even more obvious who you are on twitter.

        The funniest thing about post 5:19, is that all your words can be applied to Leann. How many times a day do people comment on how old Leann Rimes looks? Do you have any room to call Brandi an OLD HAG when people think that Leann Rimes 49 years old? Did you see the comments from when Leann walked the red carpet for the ACMs?People were shocked to find out that she was just 29 years old because she looks much older than.

        Speaking of someone who doesn’t have a personality, let’s talk Leann and how she single white females Brandi. If Eddie loved Leann why is she morphing herself into Brandi?Frigid? Eddie has to be drunk just to touch Leann.

        That’s odd, so if Brandi got passed over and isn’t a housewife, why are there reports from several media outlets saying that she is returning as an offical housewife of the show? Didn’t you pull this same stunt on twitter several times before? You said that you worked for Bravo and knew for a fact that Brandi wasn’t going to be coming back to the show. So since you are being made fun on twitter, you think that you can fix it by posting that here? So let me guess, Leann is telling you that Brandi won’t be on the show or that she won’t have a major part. The only way Leann would know this is if she and Eddie are complaining to Bravo or NBC Universal. Thanks once again for giving us even more reason to dislike Leann.

        • “if Brandi got passed over and isn’t a housewife”

          Are you mentally challenged? A housewife is general someone who doesn’t work outside the home and takes care of the children and home.

          Brandi is NOT a housewife. Duh.

          • @3:08

            Why do Leann’s “fans” always play dumb? Do they seriously think that this gains them any points or makes their argument any stronger? So now you are singing a different tune since once again someone provided evidence to contradict what your post? So now you are going to argue about the definition of housewife, when in your orginal post that wasn’t even what you were talking about? Do you realize that we can see your post and based on your post it’s clear to everyone that you were talking about Brandi being on The REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS.

            What exactly were trying to prove by posting the definition of housewife? That you can read? We all know that you can read, the problem is that you don’t understand what you are reading.

            BTW, have you ever heard of this term before: “stay-at-home mom”.

            BTW, Brandi does take care of her kids. She has to work because her ex-husband is always on vacation even though he tells a judge he can’t pay child support because he is umeployeed. So your damage control only makes Eddie looks bad. Why is he in Cabo when he is telling a judge to reduce his payments because he can’t afford his child support?

          • She’s not MARRIED. She is not a HOUSEWIFE.

            That doesn’t seem that hard to understand, but then again, look who I’m corresponding with…..

            Cuck-oo Cuck-oo Cuck-oo

          • @7:28

            First of all, you can scream that BG isn’t married and therefore isn’t a housewife all you want, it still won’t change the fact that you were refering to Brandi position on RHOBH. Do you know how we can come to the conclusion that you were talking about Brandi being on the RHOBH? Because you responded to my post where I stated that Radaronline was reporting that Brandi was an official housewife on the show. I know that you think you are being clever or one upping me, but you are only making yourself look bad because as everyone can clearly see, you were responding to Brandi role on TRHOBH.

            I love how you resort to name calling and singing a different tune when someone provides evidence to contradict you.

            Cuck-oo: When Leann tells Stace2u/drp information about Brandi and Eddie and then Stace2u/drp leaks the story to Radaronline.

            Cuck-oo: When Leann tries to tell Brandi what she can and can not do with her own children.

            Cuck-oo: When Leann sets up the staged photo-ops with Brandi’s kids and then tries to tell Brandi that she can’t have the kids on her show.

            Cuck-oo: When you continue to make posts each and everyday even after you declared that no one this website cares.

            Cuck-oo: You are still to dense for your own good. Come on, you do know that post 7:28 can be easily disproved don’t you?

            Cuck-oo: When you whine after someone posts examples to contradict your posts.

  11. Remember how someone said that no one cares that Leann stages photo-ops, well guess what Fox News posted today after Leann bombarded the media and internet with even more staged bikini photos of her and Eddie on a beach? Fox got three things wrong, Leann isn’t happy, all the attention seeking has hurt both Eddie’s and Leann’s career as evidenced by their dying careers and that even big names like Simon C tried to distance hismself from Leann, and Leann has to bribe Eddie to be with her. It’s the step in the right direction. Leann is trying to drown out the article by paying more and more and more of her mouthpieces to cover her vow renewal. This just goes to show, you know that the media is tired of seeing a celeb when they write an article about how that celeb is tipping off the paps.

    “Is LeAnn Rimes in cahoots with paparazzi who take all of those beach bikini pics?”

    NEW YORK – LeAnn Rimes has had enough photos taken of her on beaches in bikinis to star in her own calendar.

    The country music singer, much maligned for her scandalous marriage to her co-star Eddie Cibrian (they hooked up on the set of a Lifetime movie while they were married to others), may not be making much music these days, but she sure is a professional at staying in the press.

    Like clockwork new shots of Rimes frolicking on a new beach in a new bikini appear in celebrities weeklies and web sites.

    Here she is in Maui; there she is in Mexico; here she is in Malibu.

    If there’s a beach, there’s a good likelihood Rimes will be on it in a teeny weeny bikini.

    Now some industry insiders are speculating that these pics aren’t paparazzi shots at all, but that Rimes is tipping off the photographers to stage the shots, and maybe even getting a piece of the action for herself.

    The most recent pictures of Rimes and husband Eddie Cibrian looking picture perfect on a beach in Cabo San Lucas raised the eyebrows of one skeptical photo editor.

    “Those photographs came into all the magazines and websites fully captioned and saying, ‘LeeAnn Rimes on a trip to renew her vows.’ There is no vow renewing in those pictures,” the industry insider told us. “There is no way the paps would have known she was doing that unless she specifically told them.”

    “Plus the paps just don’t get access like that in Cabo,” the editor added. “They can’t get close enough to the celebrities without permission to get the quality of those photos. They were right next to her. There was no long lens. This was not intrusive in any way. This was a photo shoot.”

    Pics like these demonstrate a truth long known in the magazine industry but hidden from consumers—celebrities are often in cahoots with the paparazzi.

    Indeed the reasons celebrities hook up with the paps are many. One is to control the kinds of pictures released to the press. Some celebs believe that if they give just a little they can avoid the paparazzi snapping them unaware in an embarrassing situation.

    Another reason to hook up with the paps is to get cash, one of the dirtier little secrets of Hollywood moneymaking. Celebrities often share the proceeds from the sales of their photographs to magazines and websites with the agency that contracts the photographer taking the pictures.

    Insiders said there is a possibility that Rimes is making money off her photos, even though it wouldn’t be big time cash.

    “We see her in a bikini all the time. There is nothing news worthy about LeAnn Rimes frolicking on the beach so it isn’t a big money shot,” an editor told us.“It is the equivalent of Jennifer Garner walking down the street with a coffee or maybe just a little bit more. I would say they sell to magazines for $1,000 and to websites for $100 a piece.”

    But if those pictures are purchased by 10 magazines around the world and a hundred websites, that is still a nice chunk of change.

    But perhaps more than the money, such shots help to bolster Rimes’ somewhat tarnished brand which took a hit when she first hooked up with Cibrian while he was married to ‘Beverly Hills Real Housewife’ Brandi Glanville.

    “Her story is defined as being the girl who hooked up with her co-star when they were both married and and she stole this woman’s husband. When you see her frolicking around in the sun it sends the signal this is real relationship just like yours. Maybe it was weird how they got together but now they are just like you,” an editor told us. “There is nothing news worthy about LeeAnn Rimes frolicking on the beach but it is another reminder to anyone who will pay attention that she is happy and skinny and still married.”

    Rimes did not respond to our request for comment.

    • According to Microsoft Word’s Word Count tool, this post is 833 words long.

      God, I love this nutcase!

      • @7:25

        Says the nutcase who took the time and energy to not only look up the word count of the article that called Leann out on staging photo-ops, but who took the time and energy to write a post about how she is putting in the time and energy to read and check the word count on the articles. And you said that no one cared.

        It sounds like you are saving face. As usual, you can’t come up with any thing valid to support all your “no one cares that Leann stages photo-ops” post, so you resort to name calling.

        HAHAHAHA So your one and only defense against the article that contradicted everything you said is to complain about it’s word count? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA What a great move.

        Oh wait, so are you contradicting yourself again? Because by your own logic when people make responses to you, they are “having fun baiting you”. I love how when the shoe is on the other foot, you sing a different tune. So then you are calling yourself a nutcase. Thanks admitting that you are nutcase. That article must have really offended you.

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