Ricky Martin’s Big Apple Boys

Sexy papa Ricky Martin and partner Carlos Gonzalez Abella spent some quality time with Ricky’s adorable 3-year-old twin boys – Valentino and Matteo (glasses) – in New York City last week. After doing some shopping, the handsome group went for lunch.

“Valentino is mister peace and love. He loves flowers and nature,” Ricky recently gushed about his sweet son. “If I ever wonder where he is, he’ll be somewhere behind the bushes covered in mud. He’s just at one with nature.”

Martin continued about his “zen” son Valentino: “I know this sounds crazy, but I think he meditates. He goes under the water.” Martin imitates being submerged in a tub of water. “I’m like, He’s gone. He’s traveling right now. He’s very Zen and noble.”

According to dad, Matteo is the polar opposite.

“He’s more alpha and a leader,” Martin said. “He’s like, ‘You don’t do that, this is what you do.’ He tells his brother what to do and what not to do.”

The popstar went on to talk about his longtime partner Gonzalez Abella, a financial analyst/stockbroker.

I think he’s so sexy. He’s very smart. That is such a turn-on,” Martin shared. “He leaves the house every day in a suit and tie and that is so sexy. It’s two different worlds—his and mine. I know as much about his world as he knows about my world, which makes it really cool.”

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    • yeah he’s the biological father. And btw I think you mean Valentino. Matteo isn’t the one with glasses, that’s Valentino.

        • Ehm I have seen an interview of Ricky Martin on oprah and in that interview he said that the one with red hair was Matteo so the one without glasses is Matteo and the one with glasses is valentino. Also at this website if you read more articles of Ricky Martin you can see that I am right.

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