Bill Rancic: “The Baby Is 100% Genetically Ours”

Reality star couple Bill and Giuliana Rancic always knew they would be parents but they just didn’t know how they would become parents. Following several failed IVF attempts, a miscarriage and a devastating breast cancer diagnosis, the brave couple will welcome their first child later this summer via a gestational surrogate.

“The baby is 100 percent genetically ours,” Bill tells Us Weekly. “It’s our embryo.”

“We had the embryos frozen [when Giuliana was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011],” Bill explains. “Everything happens for a reason, and we believe this is meant to be and the way it was supposed to work out.”

“If she’d gotten pregnant, it probably wouldn’t have been a very good outcome because of all the hormones,” he adds. “Iit would have made the cancer surge. So this was the best option.”

Although she is now thankfully cancer-free, doctors warned the 37-year-old E! News host that they would most likely have to wait “three to five years” before trying to conceive a child on their own.

“As soon as we heard that we moved forward with this plan,” Giuliana reveals.

“We go to this great clinic called CCRM and it was through our doctor, Dr. Schoolcraft, who referred us to the agency,” Giuliana explains. “That’s how we found [our surrogate].”

Though they’ve chosen to keep their surrogate’s identity private, Bill claims she’s “a really nice girl who comes from a good family. Knock on wood, but I think we hit the gestational carrier lottery!”

The couple had considered adoption as well but “but we hadn’t started the process,” Giuliana explains. “One baby at a time!”

After their years of struggle to conceive a child, the excited couple are over-the-moon about the wonderful news and are happy to share it with the world.

“The last year and a half we’d been having people come up to us and shed tears and cry,” Bill says. “It’s so nice now to be crying tears of joy. It couldn’t be better.”

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  1. I hate how I have such hard feelings against her about her anorexia. It is her denial that bothers me sooo much. I know it has nothing to do with her breast cancer, and I truly believe had little to do with her infertility. I wish I could let it go, because it is sooo not nice of me. We all have challenges and it really is unfair of me to hold this against her. Does anyone else feel the same … or is she just the one celebrity I somehow chose to get under my skin, even though there are many with denial of anorexia.

    • I think if you think she’s anorexic, you have never actually seen someone with anorexia. This woman is super-thin, for sure, but that is NOT the same thing.

      You really have no evidence that she is anorexic whatsoever. That is a medical/psychiatric diagnosis that you are in no way qualified to make. Let it go.

    • It’s not really her anorexia that bothers me but the fact that her face is shaped like an upside down triangle.

      • You’re ragging on someone for something they have absolutely no control of?

        You must be a joy to your family.

      • I know right? How does she dare having a shape of face you don’t like? How does she dare not saying she is anorexic, no matter if she is or not… You both have the right to be mad at her. She should apologize to you…

      • My thoughts are that she rags on everyone about the way they dress and there hair and she looks like a way to skinny Alien or for a better word “ET” her extensions are to long and heavy for her very, very thin face. She totally has that skin on bone look about her face where her mouth and teeth protrude. She has long skinny arms with shoulders that look way to big and broad for the weight she is…WHY? Because she is anorexic!
        It’s just like any other disease…It’s called discipline. She is being selfish by doing this to herself as it shortens your life and causes destruction to all your organs, I am sure that she is unable to carry a baby due to her anorexia. And the fact that she bares all her other personal information but chooses not to mention her struggle with Anorexia because she does not want anyone to make her gain weight and put her in a treatment center. She wants to stay Anorexic because she is surrounded by skinny younger women.
        I don’t feel sorry for women or people that purposely do this to themselves for vanity with utter disregard for how it will effect there loved ones.
        She could be very pretty if she gained some weight and have a sexy trim muscular body. Her thinness is very unattractive and unhealthy looking. When she gained just 5 pounds she looked so much prettier. It probably was driving her insane to have that extra few pounds on her.

        Sorry all I don’t buy it. If you truly wanted to gain weight you could. Even if it meant help from Doctors which she can afford. Don’t let her fool you

    • I totally agree with you! The endless stories of her fertility trouble have grown tiresome. Whether or not she is clinically anorexic, I don’t know. But like so many other female celebs, she has clearly starved herself to be thin and the result is an inability to conceive. Bill is no better- he fell for a woman who was never going to be able to have a healthy pregnancy. Vanity ruined that chance for both of them. And hey, that’s their choice. But I’m not going to feel sorry for them.

    • There’s no way she’s anorexic.
      Also how can you say that about someone without knowing them? Besides there are a variety of issues she could be plagued with including malabsorption disorders or hormonal imbalances which would account for her skinny face or inability to keep weight on. She could even have hyperthyroidism. The truth is you will never know.
      Personally I use to be as skinny as her despite how much I ate. I also had difficulty keeping weight on my face or hips and suffered from infertility like she does.
      Fortunately I go to school for applied nutrition and was able to reverse my condition known as insulin resistance and I gained feminine fat in my face, grew hips of ten more inches and reclaimed my fertility. I won’t explain it ou because I doubt you’d be able to understand the detailed chemistry of how I altered my body without increasing or decreasing my food intake.
      Point is, quantity of food consumed usually has little to do with how you look. Genetic makeup, physical afflictions, amount of sleep can all determine how your body stores fat.
      Take a step away from stereotypes and maybe you will learn something true about another individual or at least be able to empathize with their existence if only for a moment.

  2. I can’t imagine how the genetic makeup of this baby is anyone’s business.

    Oh, wait, the reality show. Now I get it.

  3. Money does make the Problem goes away. All ivf cost and surrogate mother expenses cost more than 100 grand. Lucky them! And now she does not even need to get fat to have her own baby.

    • Lucky them, huh? They’ve only been trying for years to make this happen and experiencing the up and down pains of having it not happen. Yeah they’re lucky that she won’t have to get fat!

  4. You sound jealous. Not a very nice trait. Why not be happy for them? They’ve had struggles enough, with or without money.

  5. I am beyond excited for them! I know first hand what it’s like to go through IVF and infertility. Glad they will finally get to hold that baby in their arms this year. It’s the most incredible feeling in the world!

  6. I’m curious – I know on one of their episodes Giuliana said they had only 2 embryos left. I wonder if they transferred both into the surrogate and got a singleton? Or if they have another on ice? Not that it matters…just curious. 🙂

    • One of the articles says they transferred both.

      So either one didn’t make it (most likely), or else they’re having twins & keeping it secret.

  7. I hate the way he has to go out of his way to say ‘the baby is 100% genetically ours’ – so what – I’m sure people who have adopted children would be offended that you have to say this. Just rubs me the wrong way. Either way – it’s your baby. So if it wasn’t ‘100% genetically yours’ you wouldn’t want it?

      • Really? Do you have no respect for all of your friends and family that don’t adopt? What a self-righteous pig you are.

    • He never even implied that they wouldn’t want it if it wasn’t theirs. He probably said it because it’s probably the first thing people wonder about. I’m not familiar with the intricacies of surrogate pregnancies and that’s the first thing I wondered when I heard about them doing it. Some people don’t know anything about it and I think he was just addressing a common curiousity.

  8. I hate the way he has to go out of his way to say ‘the baby is 100% genetically ours’ – so what – I’m sure people who have adopted children would be offended that you have to say this. Just rubs me the wrong way. Either way – it’s your baby. So if it wasn’t ‘100% genetically yours’ you wouldn’t want it?

  9. I hate the way he has to go out of his way to say ‘the baby is 100% genetically ours’ – so what – I’m sure people who have adopted children would be offended that you have to say this. Just rubs me the wrong way. Either way – it’s your baby. So if it wasn’t ‘100% genetically yours’ you wouldn’t want it?

  10. There are so many hateful people that look at this website! I looked at it to read about the wonderful news!! I think that they have worked very hard to get where they are and they know how blessed they are. Congratulations!!!

  11. I am so thrilled for both of them! They have been through so much with the cancer and infertility that it is nice to know there will be a happy ending.

  12. I don’t get why they don’t keep their business private. There are many other people in the world who cannot conceive babies and cannot afford any other options.

  13. She certainly is anorexic. She was not always as thin as she is now and she broadcasts her diet and exercise regimen. She eats under 1000 cal a day (that she admits!) And works out for 3 hours. If I did this and looked like her I would be hospitalized. She boasts about it as well saying things like “if you want that body you have to be a snob about every bite that goes into your mouth and sacrifice the things you like to eat for the body you want”. Things that anorexics write on their walls. And the the one who said “real” anorexics don’t look like her…. wow. So it doesn’t qualify as a real problem until you are at the point of death? In any case…. she is unhealthy. She cannot concieve and developed cancer. I’m not at all suprised she’s doing this… role model of the century here. She’s not your typical unfortunate case of infertility… her body is more important to her than her unborn children.

    • If she eats around 1000 calories a day, that is in no way anorexic.

      It’s truly funny that you have not only diagnosed her as anorexic, but have also determined that this is the cause of her infertility AND her cancer. Wow, where would the world be without internet doctors?!?

      • You ignored the majority of the comment the author you replied posted.
        Giulliana really boasts in the press about all the things she does even the most unhealthy decisions.
        I don’t know if she anorexic and nobody should claim she is but hopefully people with a half IQ can see her extreme diet and exercise routine are not healthy.

        Bill is also a guilt part. He should try harder to raise his wife’s self-esteem that is so low.

  14. Their obsession with having a 100% biological child by any means and no matter how long it takes or whatever consequences is kind of annoying. As if any other child is not as special? It seems more like an ego thing than anything at this point.

    • It’s more like they want to have their child, just like millions of other people. How can you be “annoyed” by that, you fool.

  15. She seems to be rushing and really pushing for parenthood and demanding it at a time when her health and future are in jeopardy to say the least. Her will and selfishness seem to know no bounds.

    • You’re so right. She sacrificed her own health more than a couple of times just to get more popularity, people feel pity for her health problems ignoring the fact Giulianna is someone who doesn’t help herself. A bird tell me that she will put her own child’s health in jeopardy along the years, hopefully she won’t.

  16. Ppl can be very hateful. Can’t u just be happy that an infertile couple can finally hold their baby in their arms? I do believe that G needs to fatten up a bit but that doesn’t mean she’s anorexic. I’m just sooo happy for them. Life wud be better if ppl cud just be a little bit nicer to others. And be sympathetic, that woman recently battled cancer. And for the ppl that r insinuating that her thinness caused her breast cancer, I would love to see the study u made about the link between thinness and cancer.

  17. Anorexia is a disease that is not defined at the point of death. It has a spectrum and G has an eating disorder titled ANOREXIA!

  18. It is really sad that people can talk so bad about someone who may or may not have an eating disorder. All of these judgemental comments being made are why there is so much bullying and hate in this world. So sad how people have such mean things to say about someone they have never met. God bless you.

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