Eloise Richards & Her Beautiful Bed Head

Too cute!

Actress Denise Richards shared the above snapshot of her youngest daughter Eloise, 9 months, on her WhoSay account on Saturday (April 21), writing: “Up from her nap..Li’l bed head!! Ready to swim..”

Denise also shared the below photo her herself and her daughter Lola, 6, sharing a sweet mother-daughter moment together.

“Lola came to set with me today…she’s helping me with my earrings!”

Denise is also mother to her 8-year-old daughter Sam with ex-husband and troubled actor Charlie Sheen.


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  1. I wonder if she has some mixed blood in her… She looks like she could possibly be part af-amer or of hispanic decent… She does not look 100% white.. But that’s neither here nor there.. Very cute!

  2. I wonder if this girl’s parents knew her photos would be plastered all over the internet when they put her up for adoption….

    • Hopefully people who gave her up for adoption were more worried about her having a family that loves her and can take care of her. Who cares if she puts the kids pictures on internet. seems like all mothers do nowadays only difference is Denise Richards has more followers….

      • I agree! So many parents I know tweet photos of their kids or put them on Facebook. Why get upset about this one, just because she’s more famous?

        • It’s not really that difficult to understand. No one cares about your Joe Shmo friends and their kids’ photos. If you were giving your baby up for adoption, would you rather a celebrity who will flash her photos online or an ordinary Joe Shmo couple where the photos go unnoticed?

          • Why do people ALWAYS presume that a child was given up for adoption out of the kindness and goodness of people’s hearts… and not because they just didn’t want a kid? For all you know, this child’s biological mother had 9 kids already and just didn’t want one more mouth to feed.

  3. I’m guessing the Hollywood mother has already booked an appointment to get the unibrow waxed very soon. It can’t be easy living in that household despite the luxuries they are surrounded by.

  4. whatever her nationality is-she is NOT cute! she is sweet because she is an innocent child,but that doesn’t make a child cute or pretty,just like most adults are not good looking.

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