Jessica Alba & Family Make A Stop In Kyoto

Jessica Alba has been posting photos on her Twitter account of her and the family traveling around Japan and Seoul, South Korea all week. A recent one is of Cash Warren, Haven, 8 months, and Honor, 3, in front of Buddhist temples in Kyoto.

She writes: “Happy fam #kyoto #kiyomizu-dera”

Last week Alba talked to Popsugar right before leaving for their trip.

She stated, “It’s stressful. I’m still packing, we’re leaving tomorrow morning for Tokyo and I’m still like, I’m not done packed.”

She added that packing for two consisted of “organization and preparation.”

She added, “My baby is, as long a she gets her naps in, and she gets fed she’s kind of cool, she just wants to hang on to mom, but the older one we’ve been talking to her about the culture and cherry blossoms and origami and you know rice paddys and just different things she’ll see there.”


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    • When you go on vacation, do you only take one picture of your family and then put the camera away for the rest of the time?

      • There’s a big difference between taking a lot of pictures, and tweeting a lot of pictures. Sorry you don’t understand the difference.

        • So now she can only tweet things you approve of? Whatever. Sorry YOU don’t understand that people are free to post whatever they want on twitter. If she wants to tweet 20 similar pictures, that’s her business. No one is forcing you or anyone else to follow her. If you’re not interested, the solution is very simple – don’t follow. But it’s amazing that you think you’re entitled to dictate what a total stranger should or shouldn’t post on her own personal twitter.

      • I agree with the first anonymous. All her pics look the same! She’s like those Japanese people you see all over the world.
        I always try to be a bit creative on vacation and try to avoid all my pics will look that boring!

        • Wow, it must be so exhausting being so superior to everyone who just wants nice pictures of their own families. How do you do it?

  1. The cute photos are a lot different. The last one was taken in front of the Golden Palace, the one before at Tokyo Disneyland and this one in front of the Buddhist temples in Kyoto. You really do need to get out more to get rid of some of your bitterness.

  2. She should be happy that no paparizze are following and that they can have some privet time away from the public eye, but I guess she the type that needs the attention from the media with the way she posting these pictuers.

    • You do realize that she’s a human, too, right? Lots of people tweet their vacation photos. Why do you hold her to a different standard?

      • Becasue she is one of the top 5 celebrties that get fallowed around by the paparizze getting her picture taken. Why wouldn’t she not want some privet time with memberies for just her, her family and friends, unless she lie the attention she gets.

        As for other people whi tweet their vacation photos they want attention too, why eles would they tweet pictures a family vactions for strangers to see.

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