Jessica Simpson Wants To Labor In Leopard Print

Mom-to-be Jessica Simpson plans on having a super stylish delivery.

The Fashion Star mentor, who is expecting her first child very soon, took to Twitter yesterday to write, “I just woke up from a dream that I wore a leopard caftan in the hospital. Fabulous!! Now I need to find one!”

Early in her pregnancy, Jessica also said that she’s “probably going to deliver my baby” in her favorite 4-inch Yves Saint Laurent heels. She eventually admitted that she had to ditch her beloved stilettos in favor of some flip flops, though: “I can’t wear heels anymore,” she said last month. “I tried but it was too hard. Wearing heels is like a religion to me, so it’s tough!”

The big day is just about here for Jessica and her fiance Eric Johnson, but she was quick to point out earlier this week that despite some media reports, she’s not a mom just yet!

“To everyone who keeps congratulating me on the birth of my baby girl,” she Tweeted. “I’m still pregnant!! Don’t believe what you read ladies and gents.”


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  1. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if she went into labor in an elevator somewhere and actually had to experience having a baby au natural??? God Forbid!!

  2. Jessica just cracks me up. I love how open and honest she has been with all her coments and letting us in on what she is thinking and her personal experience with this. The thing is you dont know what its going to be like first time round infact it can still be a total surprise 2nd and 3rd time round. What ever she wears, where ever she is and how ever the baby gets here I just hope that both Mama and Baby are safe, sound and healthy and cant wait to hear Jessica’s take on the arrival of her little girl.

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