Kourtney Kardashian’s Umbrella Holder

The Kardashian klan – Kris Jenner, Robert, Khloé, Kourtney, and her 2-year-old son Mason – were seen heading to lunch at La Gazzetta in New York City on Sunday (April 22). With an umbrella holder nearby, an expectant Kourtney was photographed in a tight black tee showing her growing baby bump.

Kourt’s famous ‘momager’ recently opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her “adorable” grandson. “Mason is great, adorable, and cuddly. He loves to play cars, read books and explore outside with his parents or one of his doting aunts and uncles. He will be a great big brother.”

Kris also talked about the hard times that her oldest daughter and Scott Disick have seemingly overcome.

Scott and Kourtney have been through a lot,” Kris said. “They are committed, wonderful parents with a strong relationship. As you know, I let my kids make their own decisions.”


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  1. Kourtney & Khole look so beautiful here!

    I know Khloe has shot down the pregnancy rumors her Father in Law started last week…but is she holding out her shirt to hide a possible bump?

    • Ugh, this again? I’m the last person to defend these parasites, but it’s unlikely they paid that person. The umbrella-holders are employed by the hotel or restaurant they’re walking from, and it’s a service provided to all of their patrons as they enter or exit. Just like they have a doorman who will hail a cab and then open the cab door for you, even though anyone could do that for themselves. It’s a normal service.

      • I never implied that they paid the person, I implied that it’s ridiculous. And I stand by that – unless you have no arms, having someone hold your umbrella for you is ridiculous.

        • It’s not ridiculous when just going from the door to the car, because if you have your own umbrella, then you have to carry a wet umbrella with you. They’re also much larger sturdier umbrellas than most people want to carry around, so they provide much better protection. And it’s not even like you ask for the service. They just come up to you and hold the umbrella over you as you exit. Seriously, you really need to lighten up. You’ve obviously never stayed at a nice hotel or eaten at a nice restaurant.

          Do you tell people who hold the door open for you that it’s ridiculous because you can do it yourself? You must be a real joy to be around.

  2. Seriously! She is my favorite/most tolerable- which is saying a lot because I can’t stand the whole bunch of them… but she just dropped off the ranks.. Can’t be bothered to hold a damn umbrella?! Spoiled diva. KYS!

  3. Love the Kardashians!!! You never know, Khloe may be hiding a bump under there – its not often one walks around in a poncho/sweater ensamble. They have been known to hold out on things like that when a new season is about to premier. I just hope they are all happy and healthy and I can’t wait to watch!

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