Larry King & Chance: Lunchin’ In L.A.

Larry King and his son Chance spent some quality time together on Monday (April 23). The pair were spotted grabbing a bite to eat at Nate n’ Al’s in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Larry recently expressed his thoughts about the late Dick Clark who suffered a massive heart attack at the age of 82 last week.

“He was a pioneer,” Larry states in an interview with Fox News. “He took risks. He hosted a show that set records for daytime television, American Bandstand. He was a revolutionary. On that show in the ’50s — this may shock some — he actually had blacks and whites dance together. This had never happened on television before.

“He was just an incredible force in American broadcasting that we’ve never seen his likes, really,” he adds. “There will never be another Dick Clark. There are some — Ryan Seacrest is certainly on the way to that. But right now, Dick Clark stands alone and to what he did. And what he did was touch everybody.”

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  1. Larry King’s statement that blacks and whites danced together has been a shocker to the most of the American Bandstand Regulars, the Bandstand community and the greater Bandstand communiy at large. This is complete falacy. If there were blacks and whites dancing together they would not be recognizable as such. It never happened. Read Matthew Delmonts book, The Nicest Kids in Town and visit Bandstand’s Best for a comprehensive and accurate coverage of those Bandstand years. One should pause at this moment lest we take the risk of rewriting history and particularly the Civil Rights Movement.

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