Brooke Burke-Charvet: “Being A Parent Is Much Harder Than Being A Friend”

To all you moms raising a tween out there, Brooke Burke knows exactly what you are going through. In her latest blog for, the Dancing with the Stars host opens up about her personal struggles raising her four children Neriah, 12, Sierra, 10, Rain, 5, and Shaya, 3.

“This week has been kind of unique because I’ve been super connected with my oldest child which is a rarity in my house these days,” Brooke begins, referring to her eldest daughter Neriah. “Being a developing tween, about to burst into the world of puberty, it seems that we hardly ever connect.”

“In fact disconnected may be a complimentary characteristic for what she’s been going through as of late,” she adds. “Always in her room, absorbed in a tech world, entertained by pop culture, showing no interest whatsoever to interact with our family.

Although recent home life for the mother-daughter duo has centered “around consequence and reward and fighting lots of battles to get her to do what’s expected of her” and “not enjoying what little time we have together,” Brooke is trying hard to make sure her children grow up with sound values and positive life experiences.

“One of the most important values – something that I pride myself on – is teaching my children to be decent human beings,” Brooke confesses. “Which means I’m all over them when it comes to manners, when it comes to being conscious of the world around them and other people, being considerate people, and learning how to be responsible human beings.”

However, like many of us moms (and dads) out there, Brooke struggles “with learning how to be parent and not friend” to her four children, which she claims is especially difficult being a blended family.

I think being a parent is much harder than being a friend. And being willing to sacrifice that pitch and catch, give and take exchange of love is really hard and really painful at times. But I’m hoping that when we look back at this phase in our life, that it will be for the right reasons and they’ll know that I taught them valuable life lessons.”

“I imagine that’s the challenge and one of the hardest things about being a parent is one day being able to walk in the shadows and follow your child’s journey without interfering,” she says. “I think that’s my goal, rather than leading them and often times walking beside them but being confident enough that I’ve done everything I can to teach them and the right life lessons so that I can linger behind and watch them navigate through their own life story.”

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