Tobey Maguire’s Benefit Bunch

Spider-Man star Tobey Maguire and wife Jennifer Meyer Maguire took their two children – daughter Ruby, 5, and son Otis, 2 – to the Children Mending Hearts Gala in Pacific Palisades, Calif. on Sunday (April 22).

Fellow celebrity dad Ben Affleck was the host of the charity event. Ben’s wife Jennifer Garner and their two daughters Violet, 6, and Seraphina, 3, were there to support dad. Baby Samuel, nearly 2-months, napped this one out.

The Affleck sisters spent most of the day making bracelets and doing arts and crafts with their grandma, Chris Affleck.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s teen son Connor deejayed the bash while Fatburger provided some of the food. Other guests included Patricia Heaton, Sam Trammell and Happy Endings star Adam Pally.

Be sure to catch Tobey’s latest flick, Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, alongside his BFF Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan, set to hit theaters this December.


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  1. Isn’t it always the way. You get a little girl and she has poker straight hair and you get a little boy and he’s a real life version of goldilocks!

  2. I get your point SMH. And I agree. Supposed to be kind of a cutesy comment Sophia, why such a condescending question? Or are you really that stupid?

  3. No it’s not Sophia. I was just making an observation that many boys that I know or see always seem to have very beautiful hair and the most gorgeous long eyelashes. Traits that girls would love to have but somehow don’t end up getting. It’s a backwards gene 🙂

    • Sorry, I’m with Sophia here. You’re making it sound like it’s a shame if girls don’t have beautiful h air and long eyelashes and boys do.

      Backwards gene? Stupid.

      • I think you are being unneccesarily defensive and reading way too much into these comments. To say that someone is stupid for an observation that is neither snarky or mean-spirited reflects a lack of intelligence on your end.

        • Reading way too much into it? Okay, then why don’t YOU explain what “You get a little girl and she has poker straight hair and you get a little boy and he’s a real life version of goldilocks!” means?

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