Elton John & David Furnish Want Another Baby

With their sweet son Zachary having turned 1 on Christmas Day, proud parents Elton John and David Furnish say they would love to give him a baby brother or sister.

“I would like Zachary to have a sibling,” David, 49, tells the London Evening Standard. “I think he would be better with a sibling than on his own. It’s something we talk about all the time. But in terms of when, where and how, nothing’s decided yet.”

It sounds as though the topic of another child will definitely be on the agenda this summer when Elton, 65, gets a break in his busy tour schedule.

“I think we are going to wait till this summer,” David says. “Our life is always like a treadmill with Elton constantly working and touring. But when we go away to our house in France, that’s when we sit back and go [big exhalation] okay, how is this working, how are you feeling?”

It may not be a done deal just yet, but it’s clear that the couple have given it some serious thought. David reveals that while they’d prefer to use the same surrogate who carried Zachary so that “biologically there would certainly be a connection,” he understands that may not be an option.

“[She] has been a surrogate before but has a life of her own and her own family. It’s a big commitment to make, nine months of their life that doesn’t just affect them but their children, their husband, their partner. If we found a surrogate who is half as beautiful as our first, we would be very lucky.”


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  1. If they wanted to adopt, they would be denied because of their age. I know surrogacy has no rules. My OPINION they are too old.

    • They’re not too old to provide a loving, stable home for a child. David is younger than Elton, anyway. They aren’t the only men of those ages to become parents.

  2. They’re are plenty of people having children when they are too young. I say good for them, they’re children will always be taken good care of.

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