Nadya Suleman: My Family Was “Set Up”

Mother-of-fourteen Nadya ‘Octo-Mom’ Suleman appeared on Good Morning America on Thursday (April 25) to discuss her thoughts about the recent controversy that ensued after photos of her “filthy” California home were leaked online, resulting in a visit from police and Orange County Social Services.

The pictures were reportedly revealed by Nadya’s hairdresser. The woman also brought forth allegations that Nadya would lock her children in a room by barricading the door closed, would force her kids to relieve themselves in the backyard and would spend her public assistance income on expensive hair treatments at the salon.

“We were set up,” Nadya responds on the show.

In response to her children being forced to go to the bathroom outdoors, Nadya claims it was a temporary necessity given the fact that the toilet was broken. She also adds the children were relieving themselves in little potties.

Although Nadya says the hair dresser “thought it was unacceptable that they’re half-naked going potty,” she also says that she wasn’t leaving her children unattended to and unsupervised during the outings outside.

“I mean mom is out there, come on.”

Addressing the barricading of the door incident, Nadya claims the blame falls on one of her older children.

She continued to justify spending her dollars on expensive haircare by claiming she’s “making money” and “can afford it,” adding she uses the public assistance to pay for the children’s haircuts.

“I’ve been using the media to pay the bills,” she says. “Any offer, now, is to take care of my kids.”

As for the nickname ‘Octo-Mom’ and her image as an unfit mother, Nadya says she is ready for it all to go away.

“I hate ‘Octo-Mom,'” she says. “I wanna’ take a freaking sledgehammer and crack her in half. That is some freak that they created in the media. I need it to be done.”

Nadya recently appeared in the pages of Britain’s Closer magazine, posing in some nearly nude photos and claiming, “I have to do what I have to do to take care of my family, and I’m not ashamed. I’m not ashamed at all … I’ve never sacrificed my morals and values.”

Nadya is mother to Elijah, Amerah, Joshua, Aiden, twins Caleb and Calyssa and 3-year old octuplets Noah, Maliyah, Isaiah, Nariyah, Jonah, Josiah, Jeremiah and Makai


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  1. I think this woman needs to get some help. First of all having six children already without the help of anyone in her life. Then to go ahead a haveeight more. She must be insane. I am the mother of two children and is married for 24 years. And I have a tough time cooking, cleaning and working a full time job. Get a job!!!!!!

  2. this woman is pitiful. she obviously has issues and needs attention. i saw those pictures and they were awful….shame on her.

  3. I don’t know why everyone keeps saying she needs help. Exactly what kind of help do you want her to get? Do you think people are lining up to help her out with her kids? I don’t.

    With that said, if you need Social Services to help you support your kids (and I don’t really have a problem with that), then you CANNOT afford $520 in hairdresser services. That isn’t opinion, it’s fact.

    • She has been offered help with her kids by the way of a nannies with she fired and financial help which she never aspects from TV shows like Oprah, Dr. drew and Dr. Phil just to name three. All she wants is the money and as longe as she dosen’t aspects the help that is offered to her, she can cry “poor” to the media to scam more money out of the government and these TV shows so she can get the plastic surgery’s, Botox, hairstylist and so on.

  4. Nadya has 14 children all under the age of 11
    Nadya ” I was set Up ”
    Of course she was, she always turns any negative TURTH around to justify her actions.
    she is a $cammer .
    All those children are not ever going to be brought up in a safe caring enviroment , unless they are taken away from her or she gives up custody of them. The state of California would be loathe to do the first and Nadya is too selfish to do the right thing for her kids. As it is the state of California already is $upporting all those kids and her.

  5. This woman is a scam artist pure and simple, she just scammed free blowouts and hair treatments.

    And she’s now getting MORE freebies!!! Just got this from TMZ

    Brazilian Blowout — the company behind the hair procedure Octomom dropped hundreds of dollars on while on welfare — is MORTIFIED by Octo’s reckless spending … and now, it’s hatched a plan to make things right with taxpayers.

    BB CEO Mike Brady tells TMZ, “We want to make sure that California taxpayers’ money is not going to anything other than taking care of [Nadya Suleman’s] children. We don’t want to see those kids miss out on anything at the cost of a Brazilian Blowout.”

    So, a rep for the company tells us, BB is offering to reimburse Octomom the entire cost of her recent Brazilian Blowouts — plus other hair treatments — totaling $520.

    But that’s not it — BB also wants to give Octomom free blowouts in the future at the company’s salon in West Hollywood … so she’s not squandering her limited cash supply on luxury goods. BB will even cover the cost of a sitter while the mother of 14 is getting primped.

    To top it all off, BB is offering to pay to fix Octo’s toilet — which might finally allow her kids to poop inside. One can only dream.

    I don’t get it no one offering the hard working single mother and dads who are taking care of thier kids, house and working a full time job free stuff to pamper themselves with, becuase that just what it is a WANT not a NEED.

    I almost want to boycott this company for this it really p*ss me off.

    • I agree with you 100%! If this is true, then it is truly disgusting and people should boycott. You don’t see companies lining up to pamper widows of deceased soldiers or cops or any other women left to raise children alone due to unfortunate circumstances. This woman is a phony celebrity and she put herself in the situation she is in now. If people are so worried about the welfare of her kids maybe they should be taken away, that way when she gets a meager part time job she can spend her paycheck on whatever the hell she wants.

  6. this woman needs a therapist and a parental advisor. she needs someone to teach her how to take care of 14 children in a HEALTHY way. and if she can’t learn – they need to go to someone who can do it.

    i’m going to bring up kate gosselin ONLY because she is the only high order multiple mother who i know anything about. even at the BEGINNING of the jon & kate crap, her house was clean and pretty organized. yes, i realize she #1 had jon and #2 had 6 less kids, BUT IT CAN BE DONE.

    this nadya suleman needs someone to step in and advise her, show her and teach her how to handle it all. and regardless of how many millions of moms go without one, she needs a part-time housekeeper. someone to come in and deep clean two or three times a month.

    she also needs either a part time nanny or for all 8 of her 3 year olds to be in preschool part time. i get it – it costs money. taxpayers money. people can sit around and talk about how she never should’ve had 8 more children blah blah blah. THEY’RE HERE. they’re living and breathing humans who need to be given a shot at a good life. put them in a preschool program three days a week. get this woman in therapy and get someone teaching her how to actually be a parent.

    i personally think the state of california needs to ORDER her to do all of this and if she fails or refuses, the kids need to be taken away. plain and simple. MAKE her get better or cut her off but still help the kids.

    • The thing is she been offered nannies and each time she ether fired them or they quit becuase of her and she also been offered therapy and a parental advisor she never except it. Because if she did get the help And take the financial and parental advice then she would have to get a job and wont get the freebies and that will not work with the scam she has going.

  7. $WEET Nadya $cammed herself haircuts and blow drys

    Kate had people helping her all the time ( this was not shown on tv ) Kate was always asking and getting free stuff too ever seen the old shows where Jon is bring home FedEx packages? kate is also compulsively OC and germaphobe
    Kate Gosslin and Nayda have different house living styles kate is clean obsessed and Nayda could not care less
    the way they are Similar is that both of them are narcissistic women, with their haircuts , fashion, manicures showing off their bodies, clothes and undressed ( Nayda did a naked photoshoot )

  8. Are her kids sick? beaten? hungry?
    I am not from America so am unsure of what the laws are but where I am from you dont get government assistance unless you meet the criteria I am assuming that Nadia does meet the requirements to still be receiving welfare checks?
    Just because the notion of 14 kids is unfathomable to most people everyone seems to be trying to come up with reasons to make it all go away. How on earth are those of you with only 1-4 kids going to get away with complaining about how hard your life is when this woman has 14 !!! I have 7 kids and it can be done due to the number I often come up with senarios which my friends with only a couple of kids can not get their heads around but it can be done. But unlike Nadia I do have my husband and I dont get government assistance but there was a time when we did and we would not have gotten by without it. Just my 2 cents worth and only an opinion but “she should get help” – are you offering to go fix the toilet and hang out the washing????

    • Did you read the full articles because if you did you would no that she had 500$ to give her hairstyles for a blowout hair stlye instead of paying 154$ to get her toliet fix or that she has money to pay her PR person, manger and plastic surgeon but not to get her kids beds and toliet fix.

      So before you talk get your facts start.

    • No, I am not helping her, I am still hoping to have one child in a loving family. You used the word ‘fix’, it should be ‘fixed’ as in her. Your personal case is very different from her’s. She is a repugnant being.

  9. Frankly the abuse this woman receives from the general public is appaling and I don’t know how she has the stamina not to have a break-down. Even after giving birth to 8 babies she didn’t get post-partum depression even from the verbal battering days after giving birth. this should prove her metal stamina is enormous. Is it normal? Probably not, but we don’t batter, but honour Kate plus 8?. What about that? Or the couple in Texas with 13 kids and then there is 19 and counting. So 2 people can successfully look after 19 kids? Apparently. Is it ideal physically, probably not and shortens peoples lives, but unless and if the CPS removes Nadya’s children move one people. The babies are here. This is very unhealthy for those children to hear how hated there mother is, they will turn on her if this keeps up. There are many ways of having a family and those children look well-nourished to me. The hair dresser just wants publicity and the media is gobbling it up. I hope Dr. Drew pays her for the interiew.

    • Because of people like you is the reason she able to keep the scam going. Lol like she dose’t want publicity that why she goes on some TV show crying poor every month, or say she hates her kids in some interview and when she get a big relation from the media she goes on another show and changes her story.

      Why don’t you go to her website and donate your money to her so she can get her nails done or some Botox because that were your money is going to.

  10. I think we as a society are more disgusting for giving her the publicity she so obviously craves. The children should be taken away from her because she is obviously unfit – who would have 8 kids when there is already 6 (first point) and secondly she does not have the money/funds/help to actually take care of them properly. The doctor who impregnated her should be forced to cough up some cash…and then the kids need to find decent homes. There are so many wonderful women and men who can’t have babies – give those poor kids a chance and tell this woman to get lost!

  11. Simply a selfish being, a great example of what not to be, unless you are selfish and want to take advantage of society. Those poor children.

  12. My main problem with pictures of her home was the amount of graffiti all over the walls and lack of operational indoor plumbing. How lets their kids to that? These kids have NO home training. I grew up with a family with 18 kids and there house did not look like this cluttered yes but not broken dirty furniture (or no furniture) with graffiti and kids using training potties since mom does not want to shell out under 200 bucks for plumbing repairs.

  13. Did she just say she uses the public assistance to pay for her kids haircuts??

    How about you buy some scissors/clippers and save money by doing it yourself. And use that money for something more then a haircut. Hygene is important but a haircut doesn’t have to be professional!

    This woman was, is, and always will be a hot mess!

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