Thomas Cohen: “We Definitely Won’t Have A Nanny”

Since welcoming her first son Astala on Saturday (April 21), new mama Peaches Geldof, 23, has decided to forgo the Hollywood norm of hiring a nanny and it looks as though her fiancé Thomas Cohen is completely supportive of the idea.

“We definitely won’t have a nanny,” the 20-year-old new dad and lead singer of the band S.C.U.M tells the Daily Star. “We have already made that decision.”

“It’ll be just us and our families looking after our baby,” he adds.

It seems Thomas is really getting into his role as a new father.

“I’ve been reading baby books and watched a film the other night with tips on how to make sure he’ll be happy,” he claims.

He also admits that the couple – who have been engaged since December 2011 – are really excited about the unique features of Astala’s nursery.

“My favourite thing for the nursery is a wigwam to put outside,” he says. “I’m going to put him in it. It’s really for when he’s a bit older, but I couldn’t resist it.”

Although the pair have “discussed how [they’re] going to bring [Astala] up, Thomas reveals he “can’t really talk about it” at this point. However, there is one thing he says the couple are set on.

“Even though we’re both Jewish, our baby won’t have a Jewish circumcision,” Thomas reveals.

Peaches reportedly converted last year after Tom proposed and the couple plan to have a full Jewish wedding next year.


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      • Obviously basing it on her history of drug abuse and maturity level, which seems to be a challenge for you as well. You might want to wait to have kids yourself, since you’ve got a mouth that doesn’t need to be around children. At least wait until you get your double wide paid for.

  1. Good for them! They will figure out their own way of doing things – no need to bring in someone who is paid to look after your child and which will always have a certain ‘distance’ to the child. If the two parents are well and healthy, there is no reason to bring anyone else into the equation.

  2. So basically their family will become the nanny, Havering family help you take care of your kids is like having a nanny only difference is that they don’t get

  3. It should not be news that a baby is going to be left with all of his normal, healthy, functional, non-renewing body parts. It should be a scandal that he (or she) is ever deprived of any of them.

  4. Has anyone noticed how many couples today have children first and then get engaged or married at some later date? No wonder there is so much instability in relationships today. What happened to getting married BEFORE you have children?

  5. I don’t see the issue with having a nanny? Unless one of the parents is staying home with the child, another caregiver is needed. It’s better than sending an infant to daycare or putting them off on family all the time.

    I was a nanny for a few years, and I assure you I loved my children. Both my children have had a part time nanny at times, she didn’t raise my children, but she loved and cared for them when I wasn’t available.

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