January Jones: Lunch With Her Babe

January Jones and Xander went out for lunch in Los Angeles, Calif. on Thursday (April 26). The Mad Men star pushed her cherubic 7-month-old to the car after eating at Le Pain Quotidien.

Her bold red bag stood out with her white top. Xander looked comfy in his stroller without socks.

The actress has talked about loving the fashions her character Betty Draper gets to wear.

She told tv.com, “I’m always more comfortable doing a character where I’m in things that I wouldn’t wear in my regular day to day. There’s a gradual process of hair, makeup, and wardrobe that gives up extra oomph and gets you settled into the character. But I feel like Betty’s fashions have been evolving in the past couple of seasons. Janie [Bryan, the Mad Men costume designer] has been experimenting with different silhouettes since Betty has gotten married to Henry.

She definitely uses that tool for another way of telling the story for that character. Now Betty’s a politician’s wife, so she’s got a whole new closet, doing less of the Grace Kelly petticoats and more of the Jackie Kennedy look. I love all that stuff. I love fashion, so I love collaborating.”

In the meantime – January and Xander are spending lots of time together. They were last spotted shopping at Target earlier in the week.


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  1. Wow! January plays a 12-year-old girl on Mad Men?!
    She even refers to her character by name and you still get it wrong.
    Also, it’s Janie Bryant!
    It’s called fact checking, and it’s not hard.

    • It’s not even an issue of fact checking – they apparently don’t even read the things they post. She refers to Betty right there in the passage they quoted above.

    • If we’re really going to nitpick, she’s not Betty Draper anymore and hasn’t been for two seasons. She’s Betty Francis.

  2. People say that, and their ears look the same, but I just think he looks more like Matthew Vaughan in the face. I just cant get over my suspicion that he’s the daddy!

  3. Totally Matthew Vaughn’s baby. I used to think it was Sudekis’ but his face is looking more like Vaughn’s in each new photo.

  4. The speculation about the father’s identity is getting out of hand. It doesn’t matter who he is – he’s not part of the baby’s life, nor will he ever be. He’s January Jones’ son.

  5. I wish she would just say it. If for no other reason than the fact that people continue to speculate about a married man being the father and if this man has not cheated on his wife, I can’t help but think that it is irresponsible on January’s part to allow people to gossip, question this man’s character and possibly cause pain for his wife and children. Otherwise I would say, “her business, stop speculating”. Letting people speculate makes it worse. Remember people saying Eddie Izzard was the father of Minnie Driver’s kid? It turned out not to be anyone famous and he wasn’t anyone that was mentioned prior. The truth is usually quite mundane.

      • I personally could not care less. I’m not even a fan of hers. I’m just uncomfortable with the idea that people are still speculating that a married man is involved. If he didn’t it’s a crappy position to put him in. Normally I agree it’s, no one’s business.

        • That’s crazy. If I suggest that Johnny Depp is her baby’s dad, should she have to respond to that? What about John Travolta? Prince William? Where does it stop?

          People have already speculated that it’s a half-dozen different men. It’s none of anyone’s business if it’s one of them, or just the local butcher.

    • She very well may be keeping it quiet at the request of the father, whoever that may be. It’s really not her responsibility to worry about what anyone thinks about other men. Or maybe she doesn’t even know for sure herself – that does happen, you know. Maybe she just decided she didn’t want the father in her or her child’s life and chose not to find out, or she knows the father but chose not to tell him. Or maybe she just doesn’t think her personal life anyone’s damn business. Which it isn’t.

    • It is just that once she denies that one man is the father she would be expected to then deny every man that that the media brings up! Then when there is no denial people will assume that is the father.

      She has no obligation to tell us.

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