Jennifer Garner Gets Back To Her Girls

After a quick trip in Las Vegas to accept the Female Star of the Year award at CinemaCon, Jennifer Garner is back home in Los Angeles in full-on mommy duty!

On Friday (April 27), the Juno star was photographed dropping off Violet, 6, at karate class with 3-year-old Seraphina in tow.

During her acceptance speech at Thursday’s awards ceremony, the Butter star thanked her hands-on husband Ben Affleck “for taking over drop-offs and pick-ups and bedtime so I could make it.”

The 40-year-old actress – who wowed in a black Michael Kors dress – went on to joke,

“And thanks for making me feel like maybe someday I will get to relax in a hair and makeup chair again and leave the maniacs at home with you!”

Jen and Ben are also parents to 2-month-old son Samuel.


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  1. True where is her so called son? Does she have or just 2 daughters ? Y announce
    U have a healthy so y not show him

    • Because although they live active and normal lives where they let their older children experience different classes and activities, they don’t expose them more than necessary. They never involve their children in magazine shoots or parade them around on show. They attend what they want to and are always photographed naturally going about their lives. Their baby is young, why should they parade him around?

    • What would be the point of bringing a newborn out on errands? Carting a baby around is a pain and it’s not like he could appreciate it. If there is someone at home to take care of him, it makes no sense to take him out. And why not show him? Are you serious? You realize you’re not entitled to see her children just because she’s famous, right? She doesn’t owe anything to the world, and certainly doesn’t have to “show” her son off if she doesn’t want to.

  2. Nothing wrong I’m sure of it–Violet was 5 months old before any one saw her in public. Don’t remember about Sera. Middle child is often forgotten by everybody.

  3. Leave them alone!! Why would they want to expose a 2 month old baby to crazy paps!?!?! Babies don’t take that kind of attention very well!!!

  4. Babies have no clue about that kind of thing but I would keep my new baby away from that crap as long as I could. I would also move out of Los Angeles so I didnt have to be followed around constantly.

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