Lisa Marie Presley: Why I’m Raising The Twins Outside Of Hollywood

One of the most famous celebrity ‘babies’ of all time, Lisa Marie Presley, has had her fair share of personal turmoil. And being the child of a superstar can be hard for anyone to bear, especially when you’re heir to the King. But ­has she finally found her place in the world? Her new life and her new album would agree!

The only child of Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley tells ELLE she’s happier now more than ever with husband Michael Lockwood and their 3-year-old twin daughters Harper and Finley.

Presley explains their move to England, admitting public opinion can really sting.

“I’m horrible like that, I want to see it [the negative press], and then I’m just devastated because they’re so mean on the Inter­net,” she says.

It’s no wonder she has sought a sense of anonymity far from Tinseltown.

I don’t want them to see this part of my life. They won’t understand it,” the protective mom says of raising the twins outside the limelight. “[I don’t want them to] focus on really unimportant things like ‘Who Wore It Best.’  ”

Presley was a rebellious teen, defying the American-princess image bestowed on her from her father’s adoring fans — smoking cigarettes, using drugs, dropping out of high school, joining the Church of Scientology to name a few.

After three public divorces, she seems to have hit her stride at 44 alongside her loving family.

I think people think I’m harder and more arrogant and cocky than I am ­because I know how to put on a front, but it’s nothing like who I am inside,” Presley says of her public image. “I think people reveal themselves in their oppo­sites. To be ­honest, I’m ­really overly, scarily sensitive, and I feel way too much, so I have to have something to hide under.”

The media became obsessed with Elvis’ little girl, particularly in the ’80s when she wed her first husband Danny Keough, with whom she had two children: daughter Riley, 22, and son Benjamin, 19. The public attention only increased after her divorce from Keough, and high-profile marriages to King of Pop Michael Jackson and actor Nicolas Cage.

But Presley says she’s finally met “the one” with husband No. 4.

I had to have gone through a lot of other things before I could appreciate him,” she says of her husband of six years, whom she refers to as her best friend and describes as “sane, patient, smart, and able.” She adds, “I don’t think you can be happy without knowing unhappiness as well, or else you don’t appreciate happiness.”

Presley admits that a second round of motherhood has softened her rough edges. She says she enjoys the experience more than she could when she was still still a kid herself, and adds that each of the twins resembles one parent in appearance and personality: Harper has Lockwood’s calm disposition, while Finley has more of mama’s feisty spirit.

She will out-temper me, out-fuss me, out-yell me,” Presley says of Finley. Perhaps it’s payback? “I think so,” she laughs, “I know so.”

The mom-of-four admits her life isn’t picture-perfect, but there’s been many valuable lessons along the way.

I’ve been through so much in my life. I’ve seen so much. I know how fast things can change. I know someone can be here one minute and gone the next,” Presley says. “I know how fast life can shift direction and take the ground out from underneath you. I’ve seen it happen, and I’ve been a part of it too much, so I’m always kind of on guard because I’ve been blindsided a lot, like, ‘Whoa, wasn’t ready for that.’ ”

With her new album titled Storm and Grace being released this month, Presley bares her soul with a “this is me, take it or leave it” attitude.

And what about her older kids? Riley is a successful model turned actress, and son Benjamin is an aspiring bass player who may join his mom on tour later this year.


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  1. As much as I do like Lisa Marie Presley, I do hate it when people like that try to make out they’ve had such a hard life. They should try living in the real world, no one giving a damn about you and struggling to pay rent. x

    • I love that you started out with I do like Lisa Anabelle, bs your comment was ignorant, typical “I don’t have money so I’ll hate on anyone who does and believe that money should mean they should NEVER have any problems/feelings” pauper type mess. She has had a bit of a life, her dad dying, problems with her mom, husband (s), drugs, trying to find herself while millions of folks thinking they knew what was best for her, strangers I might add, all the while projecting their fantasies of what she could/should be on to her for all her life, yeah real easy life smh. and smh at that last “genius” posting as well, who was whining as well.

      • No where did she say, ‘feel sorry for me’ – she acknowledged HER mistakes, her public displays as well as the tribulations she has experienced, grown from them and does not want her daughters to grow up that way. She is an adult and by my standards, a real woman.

        She may have had children younger in life, but so what? she did raise them, not her mother. And now, she has 2 more to raise. She isn’t thrusting them into our daily lives by constantly parading them around, she doesn’t seek out publicity to ALWAYS have her name out there, she WANTS a quiet, normal life, and she is doing an interview and being honest about her life. Its ‘out there’ – the record of what she has been through and she is not denying it.

        She is going to make sure that she continues onward and upward, by being positive, and I am estastic that she is still making music because I for one, will continue to buy it. She isn’t trying to live off her fathers name, but thank the Lord she got his singing voice.

        • Michael Jackson was extorted for millions of dollars. Do some research and you’ll find out he was absolutely innocent. The families that extorted him were money hungry. The first accuser in 1993 denied everything at first, and then his father put him in his dental chair and gave him sodium amytal. After the settlement that MJ’s insurance company made against Michael’s wishes, that was in no way an admission of guilt, the boy emancipated himself from his parents, the very parents who were SO concerned about their son that they never sought to press criminal charges. They wanted money, plain and simple.

          The second family from the trial deserves no mention, however, they were a pack of grifters, proven liars, and each one was proven for what they were on the stand. Liars, cheaters, money-grubbing con-artists.

          • Then why did Michael Jackson pay millions of dollars to people that were so clearly liars? You obviously have more information than all of the investigators and attorneys that he hired, so do tell.

          • Well someone above just answered you ( above) ”Anonymous ” as to why Michael Jackson paid out to the first family so no point in me repeating it, and wasnt it strange what happened to that family afterwards? In case you dont know ”Anonymous” the husband & wife split up, the son no longer saw his father & the father shot himself in 2009……..a few months after Michael Jackson died………hmmmmm!

          • Well ”Anonymous”, I think someone above answered this question for you above so no point in me repeating it.And wasnt it strange what happened to that family that was paid all that money? The husband & wife split up & the son had no recent contact with his father. And in 2009 his father shot himself……a few months after Michael Jackson died……..hmmmmmmm!!!!!!!

          • Yeah, but Michael Jackson also took a cocktail of potentially lethal drugs every day despite being the father of three children.

  2. While i very much understand what you are saying..her struggles could have been extraordinarily difficult for her, as yours are for you. everyone struggles and likes to pretend that they are the first ones, the only ones that are going through the very worst thing ever… in reality its all a matter of perspective. Remember somebody out there is happy with less than what you have. life is difficult no matter where you come from and sadly some people like to turn it into a competition. Loving her happiness and the eventual finding of self. Also her little fills are so cute.

  3. i love how she says “i dont want them to see this part of my life”(the celebrity part)but then later in the same interview (ive read the complete interview) she says “im taking them on tour w/ me… im so excited!” which will expose them to that same part of her life she claims to not want them to see

    • I think there’s a difference between taking your kids to your job (in LMP’s case, touring) and seeing all the garbage and negativity that comes from living the lifestyle.

  4. i love how she says “i dont want them to see this part of my life”(the celebrity part)but then later in the same interview (ive read the complete interview) she says “im taking them on tour w/ me… im so excited!” which will expose them to that same part of her life she claims to not want them to see

  5. While I don’t exactly pity her, it can’t be easy to bear the weight of public comment on every aspect of her life on almost a daily basis, much of it negative and hurtful and personally decimating I’m sure.

  6. Has to be very odd to grow up with the whole world watching you simply because of who your father was. He’s gone and the crazies turn their attention to you.

  7. celebrities have chosen their lifestyle. they want to be in the public eye. she might have been born into celebrity life, but if she really wanted to and hated the lifestyle, she would have moved off somewhere, gotten a normal job/career and stayed out of the public. she chose not to do that, so quit whining, put your big girl panties on and either learn to live with it and help your children through it or get out totally.

    • You’re right. Based on the career she chose, she should just shut up and let the entire world criticize her every move. How dare she expect or demand privacy!!


    • Clearly YOU are jealous of her – I noticed she has her BGP’s on, I suggest you get a pair and get to stepping up in YOUR life. Than you won’t have time to worry about someone you clearly do not respect. Right?

  8. People are so full of hatefulness and a negitive spirit. Maybe some people will never learn that everyone doesn’t want to know what they think if it is being said at the expense of some one else.

  9. People are so full of hatefulness and a negitive spirit. Maybe some people will never learn that everyone doesn’t want to know what they think if it is being said at the expense of some one else.

  10. I saw her on howard stern talking filth, and she alwasy talks smack about her famous father, for years she insulted him along with her mother who was unfaithful to him,
    who talks bad about their dead father and to think he loved her so much.
    as for MJ she said once she was embarassed when he’d show her picures of young boys, she felt uncomfortable, who wouldn’t? she has no voice, i wish she’d emotionally go her own way in life and stop living off the Presley name and fame. come on she’s middle aged!

  11. I’m just amazed at the vile, vicious comments about Lisa Marie. I know these comments will just roll off of her shoulders because she will realize people who talk like this have NO values respect or decency…….I’m happy that Lisa Marie has found happiness and left Hollywood for a good life outside of the limelight and that she is continuing her music which she loves. WOW!!! such vicious people, BUT that’s one of the great things about our country, you have freedom of speech no matter how awfully it may be. Do you all feel better now.

  12. I love you Lisa Marie in the way you are raising you daughters & I know that your Dad would be proud of you very much of what you are doing with your life right now!… I would like to get to know you better because, I have twin brothers the same age as your Dad & one of them had a daughter the same year as you’re parents were married + her name is Judth Mariedea & my name is Marie middle name I would like to talk to you some time!?… Dorothy Marie Riggs

  13. I think sometimes it takes longer for some children to grow up. I know my son was in his twentys before he started being more mature. I think Lisa has changed alot since the twins were born.I wish her the best. Her husband Michael seems to be a good husband and daddy,I think Elvis would like him,I’m sure they would have alot to talk about. Lisa take care of the little ones the’re so cute. Oh and Lisa you don’t have to answer to anyone but God, so don’t worry what others say about you.

  14. Y do ppl have to b so mean? Her dad died and she was always under a microscope. U rock Lisa and good luck and well wishes to u and your family.

  15. I have followed Lisa Marie since she was born…loved Elvis, Priscilla and watched Lisa grow up..yes she has made mistakes, who hasn’t? Think that the people who are blasting her for those mistakes probably shouldn’t be on her website…she has raised Riley and Benjamin quite well, you never hear about any trouble with them and I am sure she will do the same with Harper and Finley. They are beautiful girls who look amazingly like their Mom did when she was young. Be nice is too short to be haters!

  16. I totally agree with Kate. I have been a very devoted Elvis fan since he started out.(I was about 7). I wish Lisa and her precious family only the best !!

  17. I have so much respect for Lisa Marie, even though she is Elvis Presley’s daughter, doesn’t mean her life has been easy. If anything it’s probably made it harder, constantly being put under a microscope her entire life. Losing her father when she was so young. I like her music, I know It’s not for everyone, but what music is? I hope she has a happy life.

  18. Bravo for you and your Family Lisa Marie! I love your Daddy and Mama and Love you! You do best for your Children! Moved them far away from the cruel people of L.A.

  19. love,love, love your dad Lisa, always have, always will. Just wish he was still here to see you and his grandchildren. He’d have loved them to bits. I can just picture him playing on the floor with them then struggling to get up again. I know from experience ha ha. The old arthritis comes to us all unfortunately. Love to your mum and all your family. Say hello to your dad next time you go to his grave. He would be so proud of you all,
    Sue xx

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