Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Take Off With The Twins

Au revoir, Paris!

Lovebirds Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon bid a fond farewell to France yesterday, packing up their twins Moroccan and Monroe and heading to the airport to catch a flight to Austria.

While in Paris, the couple celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary by renewing their vows – something that has become an annual tradition since they tied the knot.

“Mariah and Nick renewed their vows at the summit of the Eiffel Tower in an intimate ceremony after a romantic dinner at the beautiful Jules Verne restaurant,” the ‘We Belong Together’ singer’s rep confirms.

Nick and Mariah have more than just their anniversary to celebrate: Dem Babies turn 1 today!

The adoring mom Tweeted her birthday wishes from the flight, writing, “Singing at this altitude is almost like giving birth to twins, which I did last year on this day.. lol! Happy birthday dembabies!!”


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  1. Um, why are one year olds still in a baby carrier??!! they must be too long or too heavy, or both, for that to be safe!!!

    • I wondered the same thing, but I am curious as to why we never see them holding the the twins, such as in a snugly or on their hips.

  2. Actually they are not too big and the new AAP regulations now suggest that all children 18 mos and younger ride in a rear facing carseat. Plus they are going on a plan so it’s probably easier and more convenient to carry on those seats then lug on some heavier carseats. As long as the seatbelt straps fit fine and their head isn’t over the top of the seat they’re quite safe.

    • Actually the “new” recommendations is to AT LEAST 2 years. Rear facing is safer for everybody and babies should stay rear facing until they no longer fit which could be anywhere from 2 to 4 or longer depending on the seat and your child.

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