Mike Tyson & Family: Warsaw Weekend

Mike Tyson and his wife, Lakiha Spicer Tyson were seen in Warsaw, Poland with their children – 15-month-old Morocco Elijah and 3-year-old Milan on Sunday (April 29).

The former heavyweight champion was in Poland filming a commercial for Black Power Energy Drink.

Tyson just finished a sell-out run at the MGM Grand in April. The 45-year-old performed a one man show and talked openly about his three failed marriages, eight children and drug addiction.


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  1. Hi Medi ! I hope you don’t drink Black Power Energy Drink. That is a very strange name for an energy drink. Who names a drink “Black Power?”

  2. Can you imagine being married to someone who was physically abusive to at least one of his wives, then raped someone, then went on to marry again only to cheat on that wife, then went on to make hard-core sexual remarks about a presidential candidate?

    And then to have children with him as well?

    I shudder at the thought.

    • One comment- Believe NONE of what you hear and HALF of what you see and then you will know the truth. We dont know for sure what happened in his marriages esp. Robin Givens and as for the rape case that was a real fishy story. Is he the only one who ever cheated on his wife/girlfriend? I think not. My husband actually knows Mike Tyson and although he is not the smartest man in the world he loves his kids and he has a good heart.

      • Yeah, okay, if it makes you feel better to think this go right ahead. Bet you’d never leave your kids with him and would go ballistic if your daughter wanted to date him. That’s for certain.

  3. Sorry I just had to comment about the comment regarding all Mike Tysons previous misgivings….. people who live in glasshouses…. you know the saying….I shudder at your ignorance…

    • Are you serious? Do you think MOST people have skeletons like this in their closet?

      Go ahead, let YOUR daughter be with him, fool.

    • Sorry, now *I* just had to comment. I don’t live in a glass house, have never raped anyone, would never hit anyone, would never do any of the things he did. And I for one, would never go near this guy either and if you can be truthful with yourself, neither would you.

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