Jennifer Garner & Violet: School Run

Jennifer Garner is one busy mama!

After being spotted with 2-month-old son Samuel earlier in the day, the Arthur star was seen picking up her 6-year-old daughter Violet from school on Monday (April 30) in Brentwood, Calif.

It’s clear to see why Jen is one of our favorite celebrity moms year after year! She’s forever carving out time for her sweet family – including husband Ben Affleck and their 3-year-old daughter Seraphina.

At last week’s CinemaCon awards in Las Vegas, Jen thanked her hands-on husband “for taking over drop-offs and pick-ups and bedtime so I could make it. And thanks for making me feel like maybe someday I will get to relax in a hair and makeup chair again and leave the maniacs at home with you!,” she joked.

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    • Honestly, her kid is 2 months old. She’s obviously more focused on spending time with her kids than going to the gym everyday. People shouldn’t be expected to lose the ‘baby fat’ in 2 months.

    • How rude! She just had a baby. I think she looks great. Heck, I had a baby two years ago and still have a little pouch.

    • What a surprise that someone was stupid enough to to make this comment. Did you fail basic biology and math? Her baby is 2 months old. Even if she were actually pregnant (technically possible but very unlikely), she couldn’t possibly be showing yet. It’s obviously still from the baby she JUST had.

  1. Are you kidding me Anon 4:05? Do you have any idea how long it actually takes for your uterus to go down in size? Many women actually wear maternity clothes months after they even have thier baby. Your stomach doesn’t magically just flatten out! You are in for a rude awakening when you have children. Sorry..this just makes me mad. Maybe its cause I am 9 months pregnant! LOL I think she looks wonderful!

  2. Wow, such rude comments! Lose the baby weight yet? Are you a complete moron? Her baby is like a month old…grow up.

  3. I was surprised at all the negative comments about her parenting, weight and child’s looks. I am sure you are all perfect parents, with perfect weight and have kids with models faces.
    I personally think she is a decent mother, weight is fine (it takes MONTHS to lose naturally- does not go away overnight), and her daughter is cute and seems to have a wonderful personality.

  4. She looks fabulous for having a 2 month old at home. She is a wonderful example of a how most women look 2 months after having a baby. Plus, it was her third baby! Give her a break. She’s a busy woman!

  5. I love Jennifer Gardner just because she looks like a normal everyday non celeb mom. She takes her kids here and there and she doesn’t care about going out all fancy or how fast she loses the baby weight. People seem to have a problem with her and I don’t get why.

    And Violet is cute. I love her little gap tooth. Is she a drop dead gorgeous child of a celeb couple – imo no. However I also like that she always looks like ahappy little girl which is all that matters.

  6. do you have children? ever been 9 months pregnant? yeah you stretch and it takes alot more than 2 months to go back unless your a victoria secret model. she is a naturally gorgeous woman and her family is gorgeous as well. shame on you for being so ugly

    • The real shame is that so many people responded to this idiot. You have to IGNORE the trolls. They just post that crap to get a rise out of you.

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