Liev Schreiber & Sons: Park Pals

Such sweet boys.

Salt star Liev Schreiber was spotted enjoying some quality time with his two boys Sasha, 4, and Kai, 3, at a local park on Monday (April 30) in New York City.

The doting dad pushed his sons on the swings before he helped little Kai up the slide. When they were ready to go, Liev hoisted Kai on his shoulders while pushing a tuckered Sasha in his stroller.

Liev and his sons were recently spotted strolling out about sans mama Naomi Watts.


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    • Pedophile with your stupid obsession and your really bad grammar. Only give comments about these two boys. Really grow up and get a life for god sake! 🙁

        • I can’t say for sure in this instance, but I’ve seen a lot of comments on this site that ARE a bit disturbing in that regard. A little bit too personal and overly fawning and very obsessed with certain children. Everyone likes a cute kid, but have a look and move on. Heck, most of us are too busy with our own kids to be doting on strangers’ kids.

        • Haha. You just crack me up. Yeah like I’m gonna listing to your stupid advice. Well that person is acting like a pedophile, with his stupid obsession. Come on. He always comment on these two boys. And that you have a favorite celebrity kid, that makes it even more stupid. Why do you even care? I am not talking to you so stay out of it Idiot.

          • I think using the word pedophile is ridiculous. I think you are ignorant and immature. I would also like to point out that saying a child is sweet or cute does not make one a pedophile. That is a very ugly and horrible thing to say to someone, and I’m calling you on it. Deal with it. These comments are screened, if there is something written that is actually disturbing it wouldn’t be posted. You A) assume this person is a male and that makes the comment inappropriate? (not sure if you would let it slide if another mother said that) and B) seem to know a lot about their posting habits. Perhaps YOU are in fact the one obsessed? I just think people need to stop and really think about what they say. If this person’s comments bother you, let the person running the blog know, or maybe just say ‘you’re making me uncomfortable with your comments’ instead of accusing a stranger of being one of the most disgusting kinds of people there are. That’s all I’m saying, and it is in no way unreasonable.

          • These comments are screened? Maybe, but the bar is set pretty low judging from some of the vitriol I’ve seen posted quite regularly. I can’t speak for all of the commenters, but personally, I didn’t think of the poster as being male specifically. Hard to believe (for some) but people with these sick tendencies are not limited to the male gender.

            I agree with the original poster who took the time and effort to call someone out for being inappropriate.

          • Jen, I totally agree with your comments especially the one about contacting the people who run blog to complain if someone’s comments are inappropriate or offensive. I did just that for a poster who repeatedly accused me of posting items I did not post. They actually took down the thread and all comments after I complained. It is better not to go back and forth to other posters it will never end and may just get ugly unnecessarily.

        • Yeah I understand what you’re trying to say. Calling someone is stupid and I agree on you with that one, but I also agree with Felicity. It does look a bit like that person has an obsession with Sasha and Kai. He/She does almost always give comments about these boys, but it is totally wrong for calling a person a pedophile. It also doesn’t make sense, because that word is totally different. Just because someone ‘maybe’ has an obsession with a celebrity family doesn’t mean that that person is a pedophile.
          I mean He/She isn’t in love with these kids. It also (just what Felicity said) is stupid to have a favorite celebrity kid. It’s totally pathetic to compare celebrity kids with other kids. For example: Hank Baskett Jr is cuter than Mason Disick. People are just acting weird these days.

          • People are just acting weird these days
            FAJ – I beg to differ — in some cases, they are not “acting”. 😉

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