Milla Jovovich & Ever Grab Some Groceries

Resident Evil star Milla Jovovich was spotted doing some grocery shopping with her 4-year-old daughter Ever at a local store in Hollywood, Calif. on Monday (April 30).

The Fourth Kind actress has previously spoken on the importance of making sure children know that their parents will always love them and listen to them.

“You’ve got to know your kids like the back of your hand and make sure they’re honest with you and not scared to tell you things,” she says. “I know when Ever goes to school I’ll be letting my little bird go, but I just want to make sure she tells me everything that happened, good or bad.”

Milla has been married to film writer and director Paul W. S. Anderson since 2009. The couple met while working on Resident Evil together. Paul wrote and directed the film while Milla starred in it.

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