Angelina Jolie & Kids Visit Russell Crowe On-Set

While in the U.K. to start production on the Disney movie Maleficent, newly-engaged Angelina Jolie, 36, spent Monday on a different film set with three of her six children: Maddox, 10, Pax, 8 and Zahara, 7.

A source tells Us Weekly Russell Crowe, 48, personally invited the mom-of-six to check out filming of his latest project Les Misérables at Pinewood Studios and the actress decided to bring her kids along for the day.

Russell and Angelina caught up at the F Stage, where Les Mis is being shot,” the insider says, adding that Angie and the kids watched Russell onstage for almost an hour. “The kids were all fitted with [protective] ear defenders because it’s quite a loud sound stage. It was really exciting for the children to see the movie being shot.”

Pinewood Studios will be the home of Angie’s latest Disney flick, where the actress has started on some “light testing.”

The brunette beauty, who is newly-engaged to Brad Pitt, is “very excited about the film and in such a great mood,” the insider adds.

The Oscar-winner said her kids “are very happy” about her upcoming role as the fictional ‘mistress of all evil.’

It’s not anti-princess,” Angelina told Entertainment Weekly about the film. “But it’s the first time they’re looking at this epic woman. … I hope in the end you see a woman who is capable of being many things, and just because she protects herself and is aggressive, it doesn’t mean she can’t have other [warmer] qualities.”


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  1. Why does the description say that she went with Maddox, Pax and Zahara but the photo is of Shiloh, Knox and Maddox?

    • there are always rumours of her being pregnant (she and Katie Holmes). I think she promotes those for publicity by wearing too tight and ill fitting clothing. she has got to be one of the most blah dressing celebrities. but i bet she saves a fortune in clothing for her, brad and the kids. they all look like they could use a good bath, shampoo, hairbrush and an iron. except for angelina, she does dress better in her standard uniform and have clean, brushed hair. but the rest of them look horrible !!!

  2. The picture above is of them at the fames market 3 months ago, thier is no picture of them with Russell Crowe.

    US weekly got this story from Russell Crowe twitter were he said that Angelina and her kids were on set, don’t know if the rest of what US wrote is true or somthing they add in to make it look like they got an inside scoop.

    • F.Y.I the photo above is from when they were at the farmers market in LA 3 or 4 months ago Google it, So your whole PR comment is wrong and you come off sounding stupid.

      If you came to this wed site before you would know that sometimes if they don’t have new pictuer, they use old ones. I mean really did you think the photo CBS use of jessica simpson and eric johnson for annoying she had her baby was taken the same day she gave get a clue.

    • Wow Stupidly at its 

      because if you can’t tell that CBS used an old picture for this post, then their no helping you in the common sense department.

  3. I hope the kids had a lot of fun, I imagine with Russell and Angelina filming in the same studio that their will be a lot of playdates happening with the kids. Hugh Jackman filming Le Misérables with Russell if his kids are in the UK with him I’m sure they get in on the fun also since they all have kids around the same age.

  4. She looks pregnant in that picture. My guess is that distended starvation belly. Eat something woman.

  5. I’m surprised to see Angelina Jolie with her kids at the Les Miserables set! I’m a huge fan of the musical and got cheap Les Miserables Tickets from GoodSeatTickets! But was delighted to see celebs visiting the musical 🙂

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