Donald Trump Jr. & Wife Expecting Baby No. 4

The Trump legacy continues.

Donald Trump, Jr. and his wife Vanessa are expecting their fourth child, he announced via Twitter Wednesday. “Vanessa & I have some good news. We are expecting baby [number] 4 in the fall!!! Kai, Donnie, and Tristan can’t wait!” the proud papa, 34, wrote. “They’ll be 13 months apart. Irish twins!”

Married since 2005, the couple are already parents to daughter Kai Madison, 5 next week, and sons Donnie John III, 3, and Tristan Milos, 7 months.

Congratulations to the Trump family!

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  1. Congratulations to them.

    I always thought Irish twins had to be born a year apart and in the same year. For example, my boys were born on January 1st 2011 and December 31st 2011.

  2. Oh right, last time I saw this particular Trump, he was proudly holding up the tail of that beautiful African elephant he slaughtered. Thanks for reminding me of that with this photo.

  3. Irish twins are born twelve months or less apart, so no, the babies won’t be Irish twins. I don’t mean that as a snide remark, I’m just saying =)

    Congrats to the couple and their children. x

  4. Everyone is correct. Irish twins are 12 Months or less apart. Donald, Jr. should have done some research before tweeting.

    At this rate they’ll end up with 6 :/ Poor Tristan won’t get the attention Kai and Donnie got (They were a “good” distance apart) IMO of course 🙂

    • im sure they all posted their comments at the same time. CBS is super slow with getting comments up on the site.

  5. The meaning of Irish twins is that there will be a time (however short) that they are the same age. It doesn’t matter what year they are born in. Eg: One could be 1st May, the other born the following April 1st. Still Irish twins as for one month of every year they are the same age.

  6. Actually they still could be Irish twins if she delivers a bit early. And geezs people they are 13 months apart so they are very very close to being Irish Twins it is not like they are 24 months apart and he said Irish twins.

  7. Is “Irish Twins” not a derogatory term where they live? I was under the impression it was very insulting thing to say. Olympian Kerri Walsh sure got flamed here awhile back when she used that phrase for her sons born 12 months apart. :/

    • Perhaps Kerri Walsh was upset due to fact that she is Irish American. The term is from early 19th century and used to mock the fact that Irish Catholic do not use birth control hence large families close in age. It was very deragatory but now years later it is a general term used for babies born within 12 months.

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