Jenna Fischer: It’s Unnatural For New Moms To Lose Baby Weight Rapidly

Jenna Fischer says she’s happy not shedding her baby weight in a fast pace.

The Office star recently told Celebuzz, “I think it’s unnatural. There’s so much pressure on you as a new mom that the last thing you need to have hanging over your head is some expectation of what your body is supposed to look like. I actually think that the scrutiny of new mothers bodies has gotten out of control.”

She added, “Every new mother just gets a free pass. I’m actually angered by the ‘posing in a bikini six weeks after having my baby’ [trend] … Who cares if our boobs are hanging low and we have a little more junk in the trunk? We created a human being, everybody. Let’s celebrate!”

Jenna and her husband Lee Kirk welcomed their son Weston last September.

Fischer reasoned, “I think I’m just going to be a little bit bigger for a little bit longer. And that’s fine with me.”

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