Carson Daly: I Get Life’s Purpose Now

Though he clearly loves his day job – he hosts NBC’s Last Call with Carson Daly as well as the hit show The VoiceCarson Daly says that fatherhood is by far his top priority. In an interview with, he explains why having his son Jackson, now 2, was a “game changer.”

On fatherhood: “Any parent can probably understand it when I say, ‘I get it now.’ I sort of get life’s purpose now. It’s something you don’t really understand until you’ve created something with your life partner or someone that you love. So I look at my time with my son and it really put things in perspective. I thought I had things in perspective. With me, it’s my faith and my family and everything else falls somewhere in categories underneath all that. But when you have your child, it’s a game changer. It makes me hyper aware of how blessed I am. He reminds me to be thankful and appreciative of the things we have everyday. Before I had my son, I was like, ‘What’s the next marker in my career?’ You look forward to life moving quickly but the minute you have a kid, I just want to slow down and enjoy every second. I lost my father at a young age so fatherhood holds a special place to me.”

On his family background: “My mom came out here from North Carolina like you see depicted in an Aerosmith video where the young, hot, southern belle gets off the bus. The beauty queen who strives for Hollywood. My father passed away when I was 5 and he was a car dealer and my step-dad was in the golf and men’s apparel business so I actually had followed in his footsteps and focused on business. I always say God blessed me with two incredible dads. It was my sister who was into arts into drama but now she’s the powerful businesswoman and I’m in the arts. We flip-flopped at some point.”

On The Voice judges: “There is a healthy amount of trash talking. It usually ends with a hug or a high-five. They’re always questioning each other’s moves or song selections. Or how jealous they are of each other’s team members.”

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  1. According to his girlfriend, Siri Pinter (, they are expecting another baby in September.

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