Tori Spelling’s Son Talks Mammaries & Milk

Kids ask the darndest things!

Tori Spelling sure has been navigating through some tricky topics lately with her 5-year-old son Liam. Last month, the little guy started talking about the birds and the bees and this week, he asked his mama something so funny, she decided to post it to her Twitter account.

“Mom is milk gonna come out of ur boobs now?” she writes yesterday.”‘I said ” no not till baby”he said ” why do they look so hard?” ahhhh” Silicone Son!”

Tori and her husband Dean McDermott are expecting their fourth child together.


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  1. I would love to have heard her explanation to her son of why her rack is so hideous and hard. She has some serious explaining to do to her children about why she looks the way she does, and it has very little to do with genetics. Good luck telling them plastic surgery was done to improve her looks when the evidence clearly indicates the opposite.

  2. I don’t know why she thinks these tacky stories are so cute and amusing. And I feel so sorry for her poor children – she seems to exploit every moment of their lives to get attention.

  3. First, it’s mammaries. Buy a dictionary. Second, enough reporting everything this creepy child “says”.

  4. Enough is enough, stop tell the world every little thing your childer say or do, keep some of it to yourself or share it with family and friends the public dosen’t need to know everything.

    You would think that having a reality show would be enough attention for her but no she has to go to twitter or magiazine’s ever 5 minuets to sell or share some part of her privet life. I can’t imagine her kids having any type of a normal life knowing that everything the say or do is going to be exploit by their mother for attention and money.

  5. Her kid is a little perv. Obviously she says whatever she wants in front of him where else is he learning these things? And doesn’t teach him what is appropriate and not appropriate, instead she laughs and posts for the world to see..

  6. Totally agree with Grace and I Me Mine. Seriously, i don’t find his comments cute or anything. He knows way too much for a 5 year old. What happened to the concept of privacy in that family? Isn’t it enought that they have paps following them everywhere they go and reporters trying to suck every little information out of them? They have to share private stuff with the world? This is something i will never understand.

  7. Why is it odd for a five year old who has seen two babies born to take an interest in the changes in his mother’s body? that is normal people, and not sexual.

    though yeah I agree the reality of explaining plastic surgery to a little kid is one of those things that should make you think about doing it….

  8. I agree it is not odd at all for a child to ask questions about pregnant mommy’s changing body. (I dont have fake breasts so I have no idea how I would handle that one). The joke in my family is all my kids knew exactly where babies came from at 5 but believed in tooth fairy, easter bunny and Santa Claus until they were 12. ha ha

  9. I’m sorry, I know he is just a kid but he is just creepy. I still am creeped out by him wanting to hide under his parent’s bed and video tape them having sex. I get it, kids say things all the time but he just has too many weird moments. She really should keep this stuff to herself.

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