Kate Hudson & Her London Lad

Golden Globe-winning actress Kate Hudson was spotted with her son Bing, 9 months, in London, England on Friday (May 4). Casually dressed in sweats and an animal print sweater, the actress strolled with her son in Primrose Hill while taking snaps of the nearby paps.

No sign of papa, Muse rocker Matt Bellamy, and Kate’s elder son Ryder, 8.

Kate’s famous mother, fellow actress Goldie Hawn, recently gushed about her daughter and grandson. “She’s very happy. She’s a great mom, the baby’s beautiful,” she said.

Kate’s latest flick, A Little Bit of Heaven, hits theaters today. Costarring Gael Garcia Bernal, the romantic comedy follows a carefree woman with a promising career, great friends, and witty sense of humor who learns that she has terminal cancer.

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    • Maybe to get them to feel self-conscious and ultimately leave her alone? Extremely unlikely that a photo agency would buy pictures of people no one would recognize. My second guess is they must be for her own personal collection 😉

  1. Why is she covering her face the more she trys to hide the more she draws attention to herself.

    I never get celebs that take photos or video tape the paparizze, its not going to make them stop or feel self-conscious, their Realy is no point unless its for their own enjoyment.

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