Michelle Pfeiffer: I’m Going To Cry Thinking About An Empty Nest

Michelle Pfeiffer says it’s hard preparing for an empty nest. In the newest issue of Parade magazine – the actress says soon both her children Claudia, 18, and John, 17, will be out of the house.

She says, “People make a lot of jokes about the empty nest. Let me tell you, it is no laughing matter. It is really hard. Claudia’s in her first year of college. She’s doing great. My son is applying to colleges now. I remember reading an interview with Dustin Hoffman; his first child had just gone off to college, and he said, “Nobody talks about their [empty] room.” I feel like I’m going to cry just thinking about it.”

She adds, “Are you hot? I am. Or am I having a big hot flash? Did I really just say that? That will be a headline; I can see it.”

The Dark Shadows star also thinks being a parent is harder than being an actor.

Being a parent is the hardest thing in the world … the psychological toll it takes on you because these lives are in your hands. I take it very seriously. Just when you think you’ve got your kids figured out, they change on you. For somebody who’s controlling, you can’t control it. Of course, I don’t think I’m controlling, but that’s what I’ve been told!”  

The 54-year-old also addresses her past roles with younger leading men.

She jokes, “They get younger and younger. I went from Ashton (Kutcher) to Rupert (Friend) to Zac Efron in New Year’s Eve. If I keep on like this, I’m going to get into X-rated material! Well, that’s what happens with men and their leading ladies, right? I was acting in The Russia House opposite Sean Connery when he was turning 60.”

Asked if she would ever do a series with her TV writer-producer husband David E. Kelley – Pfeiffer is reluctant.

She admits, “I’d worry about coming home and complaining to him about the people I work with. I wouldn’t want to bring my work home with me like that. But it doesn’t mean we won’t do something together one day. I couldn’t ask for anyone better. David’s the best in terms of developing things for women. I watch [his shows] and I turn to him and say, “I hope these actors realize how lucky they are.”


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