‘Real Housewives Of Orange County’s’ Vicki Gunvalson Is Going To Be A Grandmother

Real Housewives of Orange County’s Vicki Gunvalson is going to be a grandmother. According to RadarOnline.com her daughter Briana Wolfsmith is four months pregnant!

In this week’s episode Vicki finds out from her daughter that she secretly married her military boyfriend Ryan Culberson in Las Vegas last October.

Vicki wrote on the Bravo blog, “The “bomb” was dropped on me this episode when Briana took me to dinner with Ryan who at the time I thought was just a “boyfriend.” I had a feeling when we sat down, that something was up. My mind rushed with so many thoughts about what she was going to tell me.

Some of them were: she was moving with Ryan somewhere, she was pregnant, or that she was enlisting in the military. I ruled out pregnancy because Ryan had only been home for a week from Afghanistan so that couldn’t be it.”

She added, “I left the restaurant after the “bomb” was dropped on me, went to my car, and broke down in uncontrollable tears. The tears lasted for more than a week.”

It’s been a tough year for the Housewife. Back in March she wrote about Briana’s surgery on her thyroid. She feared that the doctors would find cancer. Fortunately – her thyroid was benign.

So far Vicki hasn’t publicly addressed the baby news. In the meantime Briana does plan to have a formal wedding for family and friends.

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  1. Vicky cried for a week because Brianna eloped thus depriving her of a reality wedding episode .
    Good Luck to Brianna and her husband Brianna has always been sensible and down to earth with none of the drama her mothers craves.

  2. This woman thinks she is such a good mother and always “there” for her kids. Yet, her daughter ran off to get married without telling her and obviously hid the pregnancy for quite some time.

    Way to go, Vicki!

    • I know!! Vicki shoves herself down her kids’ throats. It’s embarassing! No wonder they take off as soon as they can. I really think Brianna loves her mom, but she’s just too much.

  3. She cried for a week because her healthy, happy daughter got married? What a selfish cow. It’s not all about YOU Vicki.

    • she is completely selfish, saying she deprived her of a party, telling her friends…even when they were driving to the hospital for briannas surgery, she was so negative and thinking and saying poor me…pathetic

  4. Not to defend but I’m sure she cried because her child didn’t involve her in a very serious part of her life. If your own children didn’t tell you they were getting married wouldn’t you be upset as well. Just because she actually cried your berating her?

    • There is a reason that her child didn’t involve her. Look at the way she acts with her kids, she is a complete control freak! If I were her (pregnant) daughter, I’d have run off and gotten married, too. Had she told Vicki, she probably would have been forced to (a) get an abortion so as not to embarass Vicki or (b) have a huge million-dollar wedding to boost the ratings of the show. Does Briana seem like she’d want either? No. And if she’s smart, she won’t live anywhere NEAR her mother when her baby is born. I shudder at the thought of Vicki hovering like a vulture over another set of kids.

      • I doubt Vicki believes in abortion, c’mon really? Thats absurd. How could Vicki “force” her…shes an adult!! So sad to think peope would wish Breanna move away with the baby, thats Vickis grandbaby! None of us are perfect and I wont how most of us woud look if we had reaity TV cameras following us. Ever think of that? I think for most of ya’all, the botox would be the least of your worries because a critical/ judgemental attitude looks way more harsh than some botox or big lips.

    • Thank you Jacquie109! I too agree that if my child came to me and said they had run off and gotten married I too would be heartbroken…as I think most mothers, “good” or “bad”! If you put yourself in Vickis shoes (which many of you obv havent) you could see this for what it was. She has gone thru a very public and messy divorce, a childs cancer scare and on top of that this marriage, I would be devastated too. Remember, Breanna LAUGHED about it when she told her…I would have had a very hard time keeping my cool, that just shows how childish her daughter is. If she was mature she wouldnt have said “I have a bomb to drop on you” because immediately it tells the person its “bad news”. How about being a grown up Breanna? She should have sat her mom down in an adult manner and been honest. I think it was much more than ya’all made it out to be, had nothign to do with a “reality tv wedding”So funny to see next wks episode when Breanna starts bawling and getting all upset because “she doesnt know Brooks”..where he works, lives etc. Uh HELLO B?! You did the same thing, so sorry even thought you are the kid, you dont get to be that way and then turn around and fuss about it. She was upset about the divorce, rightly so, so it wouldnt matter what her mom said about Brooks, Breanna wouldnt hear of it Im sure. So sad, esp now to find out Breanna is pregnant?? Wow, thats not a “spur of the moment, life is short” decision…its called IMMATURITY! Her and hubby havent even gotten settled as newlyweds….Im so disapointed in Breanna, always had thought she had a good head on her shoulders.

      • She ranawy to get married because her mother would of made Brianna’s wedding all about her.like she does everything else. Vicki needs to realis e her children are adults and are able to do things without her permission. She is a total control freak

  5. Down to earth? Are you watching the same show as everyone else? There is NOTHING down to earth about her.

  6. Being a veteran, I am proud that Briana married a military man. I have a feeling that Vicki has always had something against the military ever since her daughter thought about joining the Army. I feel that she has no respect for those men and women who serve this great nation and risk their lives for our freedom.

    • You do realize that there are a lot of people in the military who are NOT risking their lives for our freedom, right?

      • Honestly, I believe that everyone who serves puts their lives on the line. Article I of the Code of Conduct states that all servicemembers are prepared to pay the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of our country. Obviously, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • Sorry – but everyone of them know that they can be called up at anytime to fight for out country – you know in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

        Yes, we have a voluntary military but just be thankful because without it there would be a good chance that it would be one of your loved ones answering their countries call like what happened in Viet Nam and before.

  7. Here is a pic of Ryan marrying the first time in 2005 to Melia Daniel: It’s on the second page on the left. The marriage ended in divorce the end of 2010
    (can’t post link here but go to www. then) triadweddings.com/images/teasers/teaser_pdf_59.pdf

  8. Vicki… Its always about Vicki to Vicki. She divorced Don. Please feel sorry for me I’m going through a hard time. My daughter may have cancer, feel sorry for me..
    My daughter got married without my permission,feel sorry for me. I am in love with a man , ( that is a con artist), and no one likes him, feel sorry for me.
    At the same time she continues to try ,(as embarrassing as it is ),and push her “whahoo”! yell into a “mainstream” saying. Reminds me of how Paris Hilton tried in vain to get, ” Thats Hot “!! to catch on.
    Look in the mirror Vicki. You need a reality check. You are … getting older.

  9. just watched the 5/8 episode and as ususal vickie, you had to make it all about you…you must be the most self-involved human being i have ever…seen..and had better watch your back w/that brook character…he’s a good ole country boy scammer if i ever saw one..

  10. Why did they invite Alexis? Everything she does
    Or wears there is a comment. Disgusting. And Tamra has nothing to say when she is as phoney
    With Eddie as a $3 bill. Now it’s pick on Alexis turn. Why won’t Tamra really Move in with Eddie.

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