Jennifer Lopez: More Kids Would Be “A Blessing”

She admits she’s already “got her hands full” with her 4-year-old twins Max and Emme, but actress and singer Jennifer Lopez says that she’s definitely open to having more children.

“It would be a blessing,” the American Idol judge tells People. “Every day … they just bring so much joy and happiness to your life, [and] they just bring you right back down to earth.”

A single mom since her split from the kids’ dad Marc Anthony, Jennifer says that motherhood is not always easy: “There’s the guilt that comes along with it. You leave and they go, ‘Don’t go to work, Mommy!’

“I have a lot of great people in my life who help … at work and at home,” Jennifer, who is dating dancer Casper Smart adds. “I have a great family – so all together – we do it. It takes a village.”

Despite her hectic schedule – along with her AI gig, her new film What to Expect When You’re Expecting is out this month and she just announced a world tour – Jennifer, 42, insists that she always puts Max and Emme first.

“That’s my philosophy. So as long as that’s … working in the right way, then I can dedicate whatever time I need to dedicate to my career. You just do the best you can, and say no when you have to say no.”

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  1. She doesn’t even take care of her special needs children now so why would she risk bringing more children like that into the world at her age.

  2. I know science has improved a lot and with that our biological clock, but i always feel uneasy when a woman in her 40s talks about having kids as if she was in her 20s or 30s.

    • Uneasy about a woman in her 40’s having kids? Talk about age discrimination! Wake up, Marfle. I had twins at 44 and they are happy, well adjusted kids. I am certainly not an anomaly in the NY/NJ/CY tristate area. Being a younger parent obviously has its plusses, but with age comes wisdom, too.

  3. I doubt she wants more kids
    this must be her PR people Jen has a new movie about babys coming out
    what to expect when you are expecting she is just promoting her new movie.

  4. Yep I dont want to deny anyone the joy that motherhood brings but the trend of 40+ year olds becoming mothers for the first time does somewhat disturb me there is a reason why so many women that age have to revert to IVF and surrogates and other medical intervention and that is because you just are naturally are not meant to wait that long. Now in my 30’s I suffer from cysts and a couple of other things that mean I pretty much can not have kids anymore. Lucky for me I had kids when I was younger and did not suffer from such things that have developed with age for me. I know their carrers can take over and it can take some longer than others to find someone they want to have kids so it is a tough call not sure what the right answer is as if you want to have children you should try anyway possible but perhaps look at doing it earlier in life?

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