First Glimpse Of Charlize Theron’s Son Jackson

Meet baby Jackson!

Academy Award-winning actress Charlize Theron was spotted with son Jackson, 6 months, in Los Angeles, Calif. on Monday (May 7). In our first glimpse of the adorable tot, the mother-son duo were seen departing from Los Angeles International Airport.

The Snow White and the Huntsman star carried her baby boy close as they made their way through the busy terminal.

The new mom recently gushed about the joys of motherhood. “Jackson is incredible, the greatest gift,” she shared. “He is the coolest kid ever.”

She added: “I’ve always been very honest in saying I wanted a family. I’ve always known I wanted a family. I don’t think my mom could wait any more!”

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  1. I’m not racist (Im african American) at all but I can’t believe he is black being that she is a white south African!

  2. Just Beautiful…but I have to say this as I laugh to myself…Is there a shortage of other races of children to adopt…maybe there’s an abundance of black mothers unable to care for their children (I’m black BTW:)..IDK. It just seems like all of the celebrity adoptions with the exception of Katherine Heigal have been black children. That’s all….He’s a very lucky baby!!

    • In short, yes. There is an abundance of black children for adoption. But most of the “black” babies you see adopted by celebs are African, not American. That’s why when Sandra Bullock adopted Louis the fact that he was from the US was a big deal. It’s a bit of an anomaly. Stateside, I don’t know that it’s black mothers being unbable to care for their children. I think a big part is that black babies are the least “desirable” in terms of adoption. I tend to think celebrities have/get a wider world view than most, which is why they’re open to children of other races.

      • Not to mention that many black people in the US are socio-economically more disadvantaged; poverty and difficult life situations mean that also more black children are given up for adoption.

  3. oh my goodness! love this! i wasn’t expecting her to adopt a Black child but that is so nice to see!

  4. Omg! total cuteness. Louis Bullock and Yoby Britton better watch out Jackson is here to challenge u boys in the cutest- chocolate -baby -boys -with -a- vanilla -mama, LOL.

  5. actually any celeb that adopts these days I kind of anticipate the child to be black and when they are not that’s when I am more surprised. They has been quite a few. Denise Richards (Eloise), Nicole Kidman (Bella), Edie Falco, Mariska Hargitay (Andrew) who have adopted white babies.
    Jackson is a cutie but he looks older then 4 mos to me maybe close to 6 – maybe he’s just a big boy!

    • Mariska Hargitay’s adopted children are both black. Only her biological son is white. And I believe Denise Richards’s daughter is actually hispanic

          • She just showed a bunch of pics on Ellen recently he is def a white baby. There are pics of him online – he’s white!

          • I don’t know what photos you’re looking at, but just Google it. Her adopted son is white.

          • Oops replid to wron comment Mariska’s adopted son is Black/ White biracial but very fair .

  6. Why does it matter what Colorado the babies are?? They are getting the love that all babies deserve. I give a little standing ovation to these mothers. Every child deserves a chance regardless of race. And Jackson is from the United States

  7. Wow! Out of 13 comments, four didn’t comment on race or adoption. Though less than half who commented, you four give me hope!

  8. What is it with Hollywood and adopting black children? Don’t get me wrong. I think race is a factor that shouldn’t evne be considered when adopting, all kids need a loving home, but it really does seem like celebrities are purposely seeking black children.

    • In America white babies are the first to get adopted so people seeking to adopt are put on a longer waiting list and black babies unfortunately are one of the last to get adopted so your put on a shorter waiting list samething happend in other counties. Nine out of ten times white people are more open to adopt out side their race then any other minority that why you see so many white people adopted kids of all races, It’s not just celebrities.

  9. I don’t understand. There was a photo released a few months ago when she first announced her adoption of her with a white baby boy . . . this isn’t anything to do with my opinions on what race the baby should be (I don’t have any for the record, race shouldn’t matter at all) but these photo’s were miss leading.

    • The baby in the pictuer above is her son, when she announced she had adopted it was said that the baby was African American.

      The other baby you saw was probably a friends baby, the pictuer on the blog you saw was most likely put up by the blogger as a way to say they got the first pictuers, it happened may times before.

    • She was holding a friends baby. As for Mariska she has stated both of her kids are Black the boy is very fairskinned

  10. How can cbs allow such nasty comments about kids? Just because they r black adults r allowed to call names. a few months ago someone called pax jolie-pitt ugly & the comment was removed immediately but this is allowed?

  11. Does anyone reads there Bible? In Gods eye all men are created equal, what color have to do with anything.

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