Jack Osbourne & Family Introduce Daughter Pearl

She’s a gem, indeed!

Less than two weeks after her birth at L.A.’s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Pearl Osbourne, the first child of Jack Osbourne and fiancée Lisa Stelly, makes her debut on the cover of Britain’s HELLO! magazine.

Cradled by famous grandmother Sharon Osbourne, Pearl wears a white dress as proud parents Jack and Lisa beam for the cameras.

Precious Pearl – her grandfather is Ozzy Osbourne and her aunt is Kelly Osbourne – weighed 8 lbs., 6. oz. at her April 24th birth.

People say when you have a kid it’s like instant love, but unless you’ve experienced it, it’s impossible to comprehend,” former reality star and director Jack, 25, says. “The moment I saw her I felt more love than I’d ever felt for anything. It was the weirdest, most overwhelming thing.”

Jack and aspiring actress Lisa, 26, met at a club and had only been dating for three months when she discovered she was pregnant. Jack admits to being stunned at first.

I think I responded with ‘That’s interesting’,” he reveals. “What do you say? If we’d been trying for two years, of course you’d be like ‘Awesome!’ But we met in May and found out in August…I told Lisa, ‘You need to give me a week to really take this in.’ I had that time to get my head around the whole situation.'”

With his parents out of town, Jack’s first call went to his former nanny, Melinda. “”I just said, ‘S*** What do I do? She talked me off the ledge,” he recalls.

Now that Pearl is here, Jack and Lisa are absolute naturals, Grandma Sharon, 59, proudly says. “It’s incredible to see Jack holding his baby girl, walking around so confidently. He’s very nurturing and he and Lisa are so good together.”

See the full exclusive article in HELLO! out now.


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  1. what the hell is sharon doing in the family portrait of het son, wife and baby girl!!!!!!!!!?????????

  2. would anyone know who the dad and mom are if Sharon was not in the picture?
    they met at a club and only were dating 3 months when Lisa found out she was pregnant.
    So they known each other just a little bit over a year
    best of Luck to them.

  3. would anyone know who the dad and mom are if Sharon was not in the picture?
    they met at a club and only were dating 3 months when Lisa found out she was pregnant.
    So they known each other just a little bit over a year
    best of Luck to them.

  4. To be honest though, not surprised a celebrity child told his nanny the news ahead of his own parents. In the future Honor and Naleigh, and the Rossdale boys, I can alll see running to their respective nannies in time of trouble, instead of their moms.

  5. If sharon was not in the middle of the photo no one would know who these people are?
    they met at a club , started dating 3 months into the relationship Lisa found out she was expecting. So they known each other a little bit over a year
    Good luck to them, Sharon for sure will be a doting grandma

  6. lol why is sharon in the pic? haha whatever..but her face looks funny..oh yeah that girl is a gold digger..aspiring actress..met in a club..knocked up within 3months..now getting married..yup! gold digger! but i must say..pearl is cute!

    • Why does everyone keep saying this? Does Jack Osborne have a fortune stashed away somewhere? Just because his FATHER is loaded, doesn’t mean he is,does it?

      • It kind of does. Both of his parents have/make obscene amounts of money and since he’s on good terms with them, I don’t see any reason why he wouldn’t have access to it.

        • Maybe he gets some kind of income from them and maybe they provide his food and home, but that doesn’t mean HE has obscene amount of money coming in to him personally.

          • Well the comment was more referring to the mom and baby. No matter how much Jack has, you think his parents are ever going to let their grandchild go without? Like I said, mom and baby will never have to work.

  7. Pearl is adorable but I feel like they Rushed it big time in releasing the pics she’s only 2 weeks old

  8. yeah not the greatest pic of Sharon she looks frightened and I’d assume she’s on the cover to probably sell more magazines and to promote AGT 2012.

  9. It IS weird that Sharon is in the pic! This is their moment as a family, grandma should have nothing to do with it. Pearl is a doll though, SO cute!

  10. I have pictures of myself with my grandkids and so do others that I know. I confortable that there are plenty of pictures of just the parents and baby alone.

  11. Why doesn’t the mother hold her own child what next have Kelly hold the baby
    Next ..! Guess the mom who knows who she is! Is not important enough.
    Hope that when Jess Simpson shows her first pix that her mom holding the

  12. hahahhahaaaaaa the face of sharon…my god, XD its funny, but really really really the baby is cute, and healthy, so congratulations. but… this pic, XD LOL

  13. I love the Osbourne’s and I am happy for all of them. I love the pic and I am sure this pic is in Sharon and Ozzy’s home. Congrats to the parents and I love that they named her Pearl instead of some of the wall name. She is absolutely a jewel!:)

  14. Jack was “stunned” when he found out she was pregnant? Sounds like Jack needs a basic biology lesson. No condom = chance for baby. And please, don’t even try and say maybe he was wearing one or she was on the pill.

  15. I’m with the rest of you wondering why Sharon is in the pic! I mean yeah, she IS the biggest ‘celeb’ out of the 3, but she has no right to be all up in their photos holding their baby!

  16. If only people knew how rotten lisa really Is. She lived off a guys family (he still lived at home) when she first arrived from Louisiana. She wanted so bad to be an actress but after years of failing she still stuck around in the scene like a vulture looking to be relevant. It doesn’t surprise me for a second that she got pregnant as soon as she possibly could when she sunk her claws into poor jack. Anyone who knew Lisa for the past eight or nine years will tell you the same story. She’s a disgusting social climber and it “paid off” for her literally. Lol @ jack for thinking she actually loves him. He will realize it the hard way.

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