Jack Osbourne & Family Introduce Daughter Pearl

She’s a gem, indeed!

Less than two weeks after her birth at L.A.’s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Pearl Osbourne, the first child of Jack Osbourne and fiancée Lisa Stelly, makes her debut on the cover of Britain’s HELLO! magazine.

Cradled by famous grandmother Sharon Osbourne, Pearl wears a white dress as proud parents Jack and Lisa beam for the cameras.

Precious Pearl – her grandfather is Ozzy Osbourne and her aunt is Kelly Osbourne – weighed 8 lbs., 6. oz. at her April 24th birth.

People say when you have a kid it’s like instant love, but unless you’ve experienced it, it’s impossible to comprehend,” former reality star and director Jack, 25, says. “The moment I saw her I felt more love than I’d ever felt for anything. It was the weirdest, most overwhelming thing.”

Jack and aspiring actress Lisa, 26, met at a club and had only been dating for three months when she discovered she was pregnant. Jack admits to being stunned at first.

I think I responded with ‘That’s interesting’,” he reveals. “What do you say? If we’d been trying for two years, of course you’d be like ‘Awesome!’ But we met in May and found out in August…I told Lisa, ‘You need to give me a week to really take this in.’ I had that time to get my head around the whole situation.'”

With his parents out of town, Jack’s first call went to his former nanny, Melinda. “”I just said, ‘S*** What do I do? She talked me off the ledge,” he recalls.

Now that Pearl is here, Jack and Lisa are absolute naturals, Grandma Sharon, 59, proudly says. “It’s incredible to see Jack holding his baby girl, walking around so confidently. He’s very nurturing and he and Lisa are so good together.”

See the full exclusive article in HELLO! out now.

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