January Jones & Xander: Lunching In The Big Apple

Mad Men star January Jones wore her 7-month-old sweetheart Xander as the pair walked off their lunch in New York City today (May 7).

January – who is an ambassador for the ocean conservation group Oceana – recently attended the Paris Theater to host a soirée celebrating the upcoming sale of Yves Klein’s widely acclaimed masterpiece FC 1 and discussed her love of sharks.

“I’ve loved sharks since I was young,” January explains to Vanity Fair. “There’s something magical and prehistoric about them.”

“I wouldn’t want [my children] not to be able to swim in the ocean with sharks,” she adds.


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    • It has to do with beta carotene in the baby’s diet. It’s not a big deal. My cousin’s nose was orange when she was a baby and she’s just fine.

    • It could be that he eats a lot of foods that contain beta carotene (pumpkin, carrots, sweet potatoes). It’s quite normal in babies (and adults too!).

    • Too much carrots in his food, I guess.
      No joke.
      It’s called carotenoderma, and it’s caused by eating to much carotene containing foods. Some people are more sensitive to it than others.

    • Is it correct to assume you don’t have any kids? An orange nose is not an uncommon sight among babies who are getting their first solids, namely mashed carrots. The orange coloration is due to an increased carotene level. For more information just google “carotenemia”. *smart ass mode off* 😉

        • Is it correct to assume you are a nosy jerk who shouldn’t concern herself with how people talk to each other on a message board?

          • So you’re telling me not to concern myself with other people’s conversations, while you’re concerning yourself with mine? That makes perfect sense!?

      • I have two kids and I’ve never seen a child with an orange nose (mine or any other).

        Why be a smart ass?

      • Um no, sweetie, that would NOT be correct. I have 3 kids who all loved sweet potatoes and carrots when they were first starting solids and none of them ever had orange noses. Don’t worry, it’s impossible to be a “smart ass” when you’re wrong.

    • LOL Five versions of exactly the same comment. Guess the moderator is back at his/her desk and all the comments were approved at once:-)

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