Elizabeth Banks Was “Horrified” At The Prospect Of Motherhood

For actress Elizabeth Banks, the journey to motherhood was much different than that of her character in her new film What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

“I didn’t carry my own baby,” Elizabeth, who welcomed her son Felix via a surrogate last year, tells Celebuzz. “I made a baby cake and I baked it in an angel’s oven. That’s one of the few pregnancy experiences that his movie does not explore. It explores lots of other ones but not gestational surrogacy, which is how I had my son, Felix.”

Like many expectant moms, though, the 30 Rock star admits to having some serious pre-baby jitters in the days before Felix arrived.

“The Thursday before my son was born, I was just driving to coffee with my husband and I literally burst into tears,” she reveals.“I was horrified that this was the last Thursday of my life before I was going to be responsible for another human being for the rest of my life!”

Everything turned out just fine, though. The proud mama recently gushed of her baby boy: “He has expanded my capacity for joy a thousand-fold.”

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    • Being a parent, being fully responsible for another human being is a scary thing. If you look at it objectively you’d be able to see that. It is probably even more scary for a mother when she is not the one carrying the child. Men freak out about being fathers all the time… So what’s the difference?

    • She got overwhelmed when the reality of life-long responsibility for another human being hit her. She got over it. That’s normal. Anyone who doesn’t panic at the enormity of parenthood is the one who shouldn’t have a kid.

  1. I can’t visit this place anymore. Every time I read the comments I lose a little of whatever is left of my faith in humanity. You don’t know these people, you don’t know their struggles, we all have our battles to fight. Just because they are wealthy celebrities doesn’t somehow void their feelings.

  2. “I made a baby cake and I baked it in an angel’s oven.”

    I know she is trying to make it sound sweet, but it just sounds ridiculous. Surrogacy is weird, you can’t make it sound normal.

    • “Surrogacy is weird” – your view of surrogacy is weird. It’s a beautiful and selfless thing to do to carry a child for somebody who cannot sustain a pregnancy.

      • It might be beautiful, it’s certainly not selfless (surrogates get compensated for their work and should be), but it is indeed weird for it reduces the ‘gestational carrier’ to a ‘carrier’ or ‘an oven’ (albeit an ‘angel’ one…) I feel for women who cannot sustain a pregnancy and can relate to how desperate one must feel in their situation, but that doesn’t make surrogacy not weird. In fact, people who resort to surrogacy come across as rather selfish.

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