Amy Weber Advises Parents Of Multiples: “Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself”

Once voted as one of FHM‘s sexiest women in the world, multi-talented Amy Weber is burning up the charts with her new single, Let it Rain. The multi-media powerhouse (singer, model, actress, film and television producer) is also mom to nearly 3-year-old twins Madison and Levi.

The mom-of-two opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about co-writing her Billboard breakout song and the “overwhelming” public response, her “amazing” kids who share in “twin moments,” her best advice for parents of multiples, and her upcoming films CrossRoad and PlayDate.

CBS: Congratulations on your hit dance track, Let it Rain! How does it feel to be part of such a well-received song? Tell us how the song came to be.

AW: “Thank you so much! It is actually overwhelming that the song is being so well-received. I knew I wanted to go back into the recording studio and do another album and this song was something that just came up when we started writing. I think it is miraculous nowadays when you find a relationship that has so much being thrown at it and it still manages to survive.”

CBS: You’re also an actress. Do you have one true passion?

AW: “Acting will always be my first priority, but I think expressing oneself through music is very similar to putting yourself and your emotions into a character as an actress.”

CBS: How are Levi and Madison doing? What are they into? Have you ever seen them having any ‘twin moments’?

AW: “They are amazing, thank you for asking! Madison loves horses and we take her to ride the little ponies whenever we can. Levi loves trains, tractors and motorcycles. He has a great sense of humor but a bit shy and she is the life of the party – singing and dancing any chance she can get.

I just saw a major twin moment. We were on a flight home from Mexico and Madison just looked at Levi when we were landing and didn’t say a word, but you could tell she was a little scared and he just grabbed her hand and held it the whole way down until the wheels touched down. It was precious especially since they aren’t even 3 yet.”

CBS: Do you have any plans for the twins’ upcoming 3rd birthday?

AW: “I try to contain myself, but I always use the excuse that it is for 2 kids and not one! This year I rented an amazing park and I will turn it into a carnival for them with real carnival games and food as well as bringing in a biologist that will present some incredible animals like an owl, arctic fox, a squirrel monkey and several other rare animals for the kids. There will be all kinds of vending carts there for our guests to walk up to and get food and sweets like a hot dog cart, popcorn, french fries, snow cones and so much more. We don’t invite a ton of people, just close friends and family.”

CBS: What’s your best advice for parents of multiples?

AW: “Don’t be too hard on yourself. Having more than one is a blessing and a true test of patience. You get spread a little thin at times, but they are each other’s best friend right now. They have to give each other a hug before bed each night, but they also get each other in trouble.”

CBS: What’s your favorite part of motherhood? Please share some of your favorite mommy moments.

AW: “That love that your kids give you is like no other. My daughter grabs my face with both hands and says, ‘Mommy, you’re my favorite thing in the whole wide world.’ And my son will say, ‘I need you mommy.’ They don’t hold back anything and their emotions are so honest.

They also say the funniest things too – like pee in your pants funny stuff! I was helping my daughter put her shoes on the other day and I put them on the wrong feet and I said, ‘Oh poop.’ And Madison goes, “Mommy you don’t poo poo in your panties, poo poo goes in the potty. You aren’t a big girl anymore.’ ”

CBS: Are you still taping Good Samaritans? And tell us about upcoming films CrossRoad and PlayDate.

AW: “Good Samaritans isn’t taping at this time. We were airing on a few channels but we wanted to get the full lineup that we were promised for the show.

CrossRoad is a film that I produced and also acted in. It is a faith-based movie but very edgy.

And PlayDate was the first time that I got to play a mom, so I was really excited about working on it. I get to play a mom that we all relate to but keep it inside – the one that cries at the park because she is afraid that she isn’t good enough.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

AW: “My single Let it Rain entered the UK Charts at #32 and shot up to #6 in 2 weeks and it entered the Billboard Breakout charts here in the US at #6, so I really want to tour and see where that goes.

I am still working as an actress and have a few projects that I am attached to as well.”

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