Hilary Duff On Bonding While Breastfeeding Son

Since welcoming her firstborn child, son Luca, in March, Hilary Duff can’t stop gushing about motherhood. While she initially found breastfeeding “tough,” it’s become a favorite time with her little guy.

We’ve bonded a lot during feeding,” the new mom tells Life & Style. “It’s very, very special.”

The Lizzie McGuire alum, 24, admits that even diaper duty “fascinates” her.

“If my husband changes him, I’m like, ‘Oh, what did we get?’ It’s bizarre!” she says.

Although hockey star hubby Mike Comrie, 31, isn’t quite the diaper detective, he sounds just as taken with their son.

“When Mike comes home, he says, ‘Give me the baby; you’ve had him all day,’” shares Hilary. “He tells me, ‘I can’t stop kissing him; I’m sure it must bug him, but I can’t stop.’”

When you’re single, you can pretty much do what you want all day, but Luca eats every three hours,” the singer/actress says. “So then I have about an hour to run errands and get in a workout before I have to run back and feed the baby.”


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    • I’m not sure what he does, but presumably he’s doing something to pay the bills since he is gone all day: “When Mike comes home, he says, ‘Give me the baby; you’ve had him all day,’”

      PS — This is the first time I’ve heard him being referred to as a hockey “star”, LOL. GMAFB.

  1. He retired fairly recently due to hip problems. No clue how he’s earning a living now, but he’s from a very wealthy family — the Comrie family owned The Brick.

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