Jerry O’Connell & His Pretties At The Park

Reunited with dad! Jerry O’Connell took 3-year-old twins Charlie and Dolly (in dress) to the park in Malibu, Calif. on Monday (May 7). The girls looked like they were having fun on the slide.

The actor has been away in New York doing the play Seminar for the past few months.

He recently said it was a wonderful experience.

You are just part of this amazingly talented community, and it’s just such an honor to go there every day. It’s difficult to break into that world. I had to audition a lot. I had to continually knock on a lot of doors and try and try and try, and finally, for some inexplicable reason, they allowed me to do this play.”


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  1. My favorite “Hollywood” family! The girls are so cute and Jerry and Rebecca (from what I’ve read and seen in interviews) appear to be awesome, hands on parents!

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