Jessica Simpson Is Recovering From C-Section Birth

After tweeting on Tuesday that she is “so in love with baby Maxwell,” new details of Jessica Simpson‘s adjustment into motherhood are featured in the latest issue of Us Weekly. The magazine reveals that daugher Maxwell Drew was born via C-section, weighing in at a whopping 9 lbs., 13 oz., on May 1.

As Jessica recovers from her major surgery, fiancé Eric Johnson has been enduring the bulk of diaper duty. Watch­ing the 6-foot-3 former San Francisco 49ers tight end handling the baby has proven to be comical for the new mom.

“He is sweetly nervous about Maxwell being so small,” a source says. To show his devotion — and his appreciation for her giving up her self-professed “religion” of high heels near the end of the pregnancy — Eric is planning a “push present” for Jess. “It will be either a necklace or ring — some­thing that has meaning to them, but will also be very sparkly with diamonds,” a source reveals. “Something feminine and pretty — and it won’t be cheap!”

Jessica, who is 5-foot-3, admit­ed to weighing 170 pounds when she posed nude and pregnant for the April is­sue of ELLE. Sources say she aims to shed the pregnancy pounds within a year to fulfill her $4 million deal with Weight Watchers. “As soon as Jessica heals from the C-section, she is extremely determined to get back in the gym and work out,” says a friend.

A source familiar with the negotiations says Weight Watchers is giving her a maternity break before get­ting serious about the regi­men, “but they’ll likely be speaking to her in the next few weeks to get everything started.”

“She’ll have to meet the weight-loss goals for the deal to go through,” says the source. And for that, she’ll need to get serious with a celebrity trainer. “She hasn’t cho­sen a trainer yet,” the source adds. “In fact, she hasn’t even thought about working out for a year. But if she wants this, she’ll need to work out a good five days a week.”

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  1. Why is her birth method “news”? Has she done something wrong or unorthodox? She had a healthy baby and delivered on such and such a date . End of story.

    Wonder how US got this information…Hopefully it wasn’t from hospital staff or they could find themselves in deep doo-doo. Can’t see why Simpson’s people would go running to a tabloid with this info —

    • PS – sorry if I offended anyone who does consider US to be a credible source of information. I know how sensitive certain people can be on this site.

  2. with an almost 10 lb baby I am not surprised she had an C-section
    a $ 4 million dollar deal with Weight Watchers to shed the weight
    and she probably $ell Maxies first Photos in the 6 figure range
    who says celebrityh — Motherhood is not $$$ rewarding ????

    • Could you be any more ignorant? A 10lbs baby is no reason for c-section. No wonder the c-section rates in the US are so damn high. (over 30%) because people will believe anything. And no wonder the US infant and maternal mortality rate are higher than 41 other countries. (including some 3rd world countries). People: get midwives (yes they can deliver in hospitals) and question everything your doc tells you. most of the time they are wrong!!! Birth is normal and does NOT need to be medicalized so much. A 10lbs baby is not that big. it’s all about head size. Once the head is out everything else is pie.

  3. US got this information ?
    Can’t see why Simpson’s people would go running to a tabloid with this info–
    You are Kidding… right ??

    • Why would she, she already sold her baby shower pictuers to US weekly along with nude photo of herself.

  4. hospital staff don’t care and as long as Jessica and Maxwell are healthy it doesn’t matter how she was born. Jess had to have a caesarean due to Polyhydramnios which thankfully didn’t cause complications with the baby

    • I love Courtney. She always talks as if she had personal, intimate knowledge and knows all the facts.

      Of course, I don’t *believe* Courtney, but I do *love* her.

  5. she said earlier on she was having a c-section. scared of the pain of labor/childbirth.
    and i am sure she has a wonderful nanny to take up the slack !!!!

    • Lol!!! No why would he his baby and baby-mama are cash cows, all he has to do is sit back and enjoy which is what he been doing.

      • Does every couple you know earn exactly the same amount of money? Why is everyone so quick to judge the person that doesn’t make millions of dollars and immediately dismiss them as a lazy gold-digger?

        • The previous poster probably recognizes that couples don’t earn identical sums of money, but the point she seemed to be making was that maybe it’s time for him to get A job — not necessarily a 6-7 figure salary job, but A job.

  6. I hope she used a binder after her cesarean….I did with Abomend, they sell a soft cotton binder that really helped after my c section. All the best Jessica!

    • Do you also wonder why Grape Nuts are called that even though they are neither grapes nor nuts? Are you really this dumb? Sometimes words are not meant to be taken literally. Obviously it’s intended as a birth present regardless of how the baby was born.

      • You know what’s a stupid concept? A person who would be bothered by a man giving the mother of their child a gift when the baby is born.

        THAT is what’s stupid.

      • What is wrong with the mother getting a nice gift after giving birth?

        The people who have a problem with it are the one’s who have partners/husbands that would not buy them a gift! Probably a little bitter.

        • My husband bought me a necklace…I was pissed. The baby is a push present and people making these extra presents necessary are greedy bi tc hes. Just shut up and enjoy motherhood.

    • I have to agree. The notion of “rewarding” birth alone is weird, but when you consider she didn’t even push it makes it more weird and pointless.

  7. With the second c section coming her way, I hope Jessica has clearly thought through some of the consequences of not attempting a VBAC… oxytocin and hormones are released with labor which greatly facilitate health for baby and mom. Binding with a belly belt, or binder is a must to support tissue after pregnancy…..!

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