Happy 8th Birthday Gosselin Sextuplets!

Names (in birth order): Alexis Faith, Hannah Joy, Aaden Jonathan, Collin Thomas, Leah Hope & Joel Kevin Gosselin

Date of Birth: May 10, 2004

Parents: Jon & Kate Gosselin

Siblings: Twin sisters Madelyn & Cara, 11


  • The sextuplets were born in Hershey, Pennsylvania
  • Kate conceived the children via in-vitro fertilization
  • The sextuplets were born 10 weeks premature
  • According to her newest book, Kate revealed that very early in the pregnancy there were seven embryos, but one did not develop
  • The Gosselin children appeared on television for the first time on the Discovery channel special Surviving Sextuplets and Twins in 2005 and became reality stars with their parents on Jon & Kate Plus 8
  • In 2009, their parents’ divorced

“Celebrating this birthday always makes me cry…tears of special memories and joy! I got a healthy ‘full set’ — I know I’m unbelievably blessed!” – Kate on her 6 kiddos.

“I laugh at them all the time. They are just so cute that I can’t help it!” Kate on her children.

“I feel most happy when we are getting ready for church on Sunday mornings. It is a ritual that works and goes smoothly—for the most part—and I love when our routines are down to a science.” – Kate on her favorite family ruitual.


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    • Maybe so its easier to tell them apart? I noticed that on the show when the kids were younger Kate would sometimes have two of the little girls dressed the same and the other in a different outfit. Or maybe Alexis (the one in the pants) doesnt like skirts.

  1. Just so you know, it wasn’t in-vitro. That involves placing embryos back into a woman’s uterus and they would never put more than 2-4. She got pregnant using inter-uterine insemination.

  2. explain the insemination thing
    she was implanted but also had sex thus increasing her chances of multiples ?
    seeing how they had the twin girls already they were impatient to let nature take its course and jump started the process.
    One of the older twins is just an angry bitter lil thing. too many siblings and drama between the parents

    • No, IVF and IUI are two totally different procedures. With IVF, doctors extract the mother’s egg and father’s sperm and mix them in a petri dish, so the embryo is conceived externally to the mother and then implanted into her womb later. With IUI, the mother is injected with a drug that makes her more likely to ovulate (release a fertile egg), which can then be fertilized normally inside her fallopian tube, either the old fashioned way (sex) or by inserting sperm into her uterus. It’s a more natural process either way you look at it. The only difference with normal procreation is the drug given to make the mother ovulate, but it sometimes results in multiples because the drug might make more than one egg be released (hyper-ovulation).

  3. i think she wants to share to the world that one girl is like shiloh jolie, and wants to be peter pan and not dress like a girlie girl… but seriously, this woman always is making crazyness like her ex husband. they are mad. my opinion

  4. Kate, stop treating your children like a commodity. The kids are no longer babies or toddlers so stop trying to stunt their individualism by dressing them the same. Face it, your years of exploiting them for financial gain has come to an end. And from the looks of it, you will not win a popularity contest for your ethics, honesty or integrity.

    • You have to be stupid if you don’t realize that there in their school uniforms. Even a moron could notice that and Alexix was always a tom-boy. She never really liked dresses. She likes animals and getting dirty. Thats probably why she is wearing pants. Leah and Hannah are more girly and enjoy wearing dresses and skirts. Besides, if Kate did want to dress them the same then thats up to her. There is nothing wrong with it so mind your own freaking busisness. I am a triplet and my sisters and I dressed the same very often until we were about eleven. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

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