Sarah Jessica Parker & James: Morning School Run

Sarah Jessica Parker and James were seen heading to his school in New York City on Monday (May 7). After she dropped him off she did some grocery shopping at a supermarket in the West Village.

The actress would be dressed in a Valentino gown hours later for the Met Gala – held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Sarah is involved in a newly released PSA for the Got Your Six campaign along with Tom Hanks, Alec Baldwin and Bradley Cooper.

E! News reports Got Your Six is a campaign led by the entertainment industry that hopes to help bridge the civilian-military divide.


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  1. Why does this kid always look dirty and disheveled? He looks like a homeless waif. His hair is always unruly, hs clothes are always ripped, dirty sneakers. Can’t they afford a haircut and some clean clothes???

  2. her girls always look so adorable and her son looks homeless. why?? i guess she let’s him do whatever to keep the peace but wow.

  3. He doesn’t look dirty. He does look a rumpled though. But even mom doesn’t doll up. I would put my son together a little more than this though. James never seems to mind. He is cute.

    • I agree he does look a little worse for the wear today but not dirty. The only issue I have is him wearing ripped pants to school it just shows a lack of disrespect for school. Even if there is no dress code they usually want you to dress neat and clean. Otherwise he just looks like any normal 9 year old boy.

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