America’s Next Top Model’s Angelea Preston Is Pregnant

Congratulations are in order for America’s Next Top Model: All Stars contestant Angelea Preston!

“I’m very excited about things that have been happening in my life recently, like with my marriage and my baby and my career,” Preston, 25, tells Us Weekly about her baby boy on-the-way. “I feel very blessed.”

While enjoying some time at home in Buffalo, New York “around Christmastime,” Preston discovered she was pregnant with boyfriend Eric Brown‘s baby. “Eric and I have dated for about two years,” she says. “Eric was the only person that I did tell right away. . . but everyone else I kept in the dark for a while about it.”

After moving to Los Angeles to pursue modeling, Brown called her up to propose marriage.

He said, ‘Let’s just do this. Let’s get married,'” Preston recalls. “And I said, ‘Okay, let’s do it!’ And that’s kind of how that happened. . . It kind of caught me by surprise.”

The couple were wed in New York City on February 24. “It was on a Friday and it was raining,” Preston recalls. “I feel like Eric is more than just my partner — I feel like he’s my best friend. He’s someone I can depend on. I just love him and he’s just so sexy to me . . . But it’s so much more than the physical; we have a deeper connection, and I really love that.”

Brown, 37, has children from a previous relationship. “He is a great father to his kids,” boasts Preston.

Baby boy on-the-way isn’t Preston’s first pregnancy. Her daughter Giavonna Anchell was born three-months premature in November 2003. Sadly, baby Giavonna died 23 days after her birth.

I had her at 25 weeks,” Preston says. “I do tend to worry [about this pregnancy], just for the simple fact that my daughter was premature and she did pass away, so there’s a lot of nervousness.”

The expectant model has just signed with the Expecting Models agency, and she’s “very excited” for the next phase of her career. “Hopefully I get some jobs from that.”

And although she’s remained mum about her dismissal from America’s Next Top Model: All Stars, Preston says she’s “grateful to my fans and to everyone who has supported me.” She adds that “part of the truth has come out already about the original outcome, and I believe that the rest of the truth will come out later.” (Note: Preston was widely believed to be the winner before being disqualified; Lisa D’Amato, 30, was crowned the winner in December 2011.)

I feel that with this pregnancy, it’s a second chance for me to be a mother, and it really puts things in perspective about what’s really important in life,” she says. “At the end of the day, I’m going to be someone’s light. I already have people who say that I’m their inspiration, but this is my child,” she says. “My son is going to look up to me and view me as a role model, so I just want to be the best person that I can be for him. That includes learning to forgive people and learning not to hold grudges and learning to be the best person that I can be for me and my son.”


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  1. Wow she was only 16 when she got pregnant and lost the baby? So sad! That is pretty heavy for a young girl to handle. Hope she has a safe pregnancy and healthy baby!

    • I agree, and expectTyra to stand with Angelea, but I imagine Cover Girl couldn’t handle the potential controversy of a pregnancy outside marriage, which makes me wonder if a transgender could ever win either. Makes me think less highly of Cover Girl.
      On the other hand, Angelea would never have had this chance without CG & Tyra. I do think the competition was between Lisa & Angelea & really a close call.
      But Jenny, did your photographer and/or website not have photoshop? Who publishes a top model photo with that kinda shine. I’d have higher standards.

  2. Congratulations to her & her new husband!

    I was thinking the same thing-sad that she had to deal with the loss of a baby so young!

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