Ben Affleck Wishes Jennifer Garner Happy Mother’s Day, Shares Video Of Moms In The Congo

Looking for another reason to love Ben Affleck? The dad-of-three posted a video on Facebook Friday in honor of his mother Chris, his “amazing wife” Jennifer Garner and all the moms he has met in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

I want to say Happy Mother’s Day to moms in my life: my mom Chris and my amazing wife Jennifer who is an incredible, spectacular, world-class mom!” Ben gushes. “And I want to say Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms that I’ve met in the Democratic Republic of the Congo who are in this video that I hope you’ll watch. I urge you to share it, post to Facebook, to celebrate all of the moms in the world including the ones in your life working at the hardest job that there is, every single day. If you feel so inclined, you can contribute to some of the cost that you’ll see in the video and go to”

Ben goes on to write, “Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing Moms in my life. Please share this video for the Mothers and Grandmothers in your lives in honor of their sacrifices, selflessness and courage.”

To see the inspirational video and hear Ben’s personal message, go to his Facebook timeline.


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  1. Ben really put your mom and Jen with these women! You don’t think that
    Asking for money in the same video is really rude! It is all about the video!
    Using his mom and grandmas to get money?

    • I have heard Jennifer Garner speak about how proud she is of his work in the Congo region. I am amazed that you find the video rude. As a mother who is fortunate to have as much as I have, I love the idea that someone would donate in honor of me to another mother who has little. And my own mother has already indicated that for Mother’s Day she would like us to donate to a good cause. I now have my cause, especially since my father is a pediatrician and children are near to the hearts of both of my parents. I wish people would quit looking for things to criticize and instead focus the good things people try to do to help others.

      • Got to be Kidding- I totally agree with your post. He is doing a very wonderful thing in the Congo and helping children worldwide must make both him mother and wife happy. Not rude at all to ask for money Those people are in dire need of our help. Great idea to donate to charity for your mom. I think I will do the same. Happy Mothers Day to all….

    • When I retired and they were arranging my retirement “to do” I asked that they don’t the funding to the Down Syndrome Society in honor of my grandson. Ben did a nice thing which I imagine the women in his life appreciated. Who needs more stuff but honoring people in ways like this or to Mobile Meals or any of many wonderful groups is both humbling and a wonderful gift.

  2. He is rude and always has an agenda. He shouldn’t have mixed the two. Wishing his wife and mother a happy mom’s day should be separate from this Congo thing.

    He’s a typical Hollywood tool who is always pushing some agenda down the public’s throat. They can’t help themselves. They are turning many people off with this.

    • What is your problem? He is trying to do something very admirable for all those people, in particular mothers, in Congo. How is he rude? He simply said thank you to the mom’s in his life and then said thank you to all mothers around the world…especially those in Congo. I for one do not see why they should be separate, I think you’ll find that almost all charity, speeches, articles and whatever else, use a personal experience and then get there point across.
      Honestly why do you have to find the negatives in this simple declaration of love and compassion.

      You say he has another agenda, what is it?
      Happy Mother’s Day! I certainly will be donating!

    • There are many celebrities that do nothing with their power or money. Nothing. Open your heart Anonymous 3:50. Love a little.

  3. I went to Facebook and I did not see this video The Conga one too! What he can’t get John Mccains wife to do it anymore just his own mommy. Even Angie would not do this! Guess this cause is going …should go on the Jimmy Kimmel
    Show since that is the only celebrity on his own Facebook page no one else that
    Is famous, really and Pearl Street Production is no gone too Matt and Chris Moore
    Disolved the company 3 years ago…So what other lies are next! Facebook!

    • Most of your comment is difficult to follow because it is so poorly written, but I had no problem finding info on the Congo on his Facebook page including a lovely photo and note to his mom who apparently went with him to the Congo. Not sure what you meant either about lies or about celebrities on his Facebook page, but celebrities have nothing to do with his work with the Congo. He has raised awareness of the problems in the Congo, especially for women and children, and has helped to support grassroots strategies to improve life there. Don’t know what your problem is with that, but then again a lot of what you said didn’t make sense. If you don’t like his cause, pick one you do like and try doing something positive.

  4. Yeah…Asking for people to donate money to help people in a third world country…How rude. *eye roll*

    There is nothing wrong with having an “agenda” especially one that involves helping your fellow man.

  5. He is a typical hollywood hypocrite. Why doesn’t he sell his excessive $20 million dollar mansion and donate that money to the poor mothers in the Congo? Instead he sits on his high horse and asks everyone else to give their $$$ during an extreme recession. We have our own problems in this country… we can’t SAVE everybody. Always pushing something these people.

    • Exactly!!!!!! Why is he begging us regular people to donate. Charity starts at home. He’s the one with the mansion and range rover and stuff like that. Sell those things and there ya go. But noooooooo. He’s an idiot.

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