Hilary Duff On Giving Birth: “It Was Very Easy”

Set to celebrate her first Mother’s Day this Sunday with 7-week-old son Luca, Hilary Duff made an appearance on Friday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show and opened up about the joys of motherhood and her “easy” delivery four days past her due date.

It was very easy,” she shares. “I went into labor at about one in the morning and I very calmly had my bags packed and woke my husband up after about three hours of walking up and down my hallway. Then I’m like, ‘Okay, it’s time to go, let’s go now.’ We got in the car and drove to the hospital and that was it.”

And it sounds like she’s lucked out in the sleep department as well!

I feel weird, because it seems like I’m bragging, but he sleeps from like 11 to six. It is possible, ladies,” Duff, 24, said to an audience filled with expectant mothers. “It didn’t happen right away, but the past three weeks, he’s an 11 to 6er.”

Calling motherhood an “amazing ride,” Duff reveals that her mom Susan and her sister Haylie arrived at the hospital in anticipation of the birth.

My family gets there and we wait all day and everyone is hungry. We’re Southern and from Texas and my mom and my sister actually went down to the food court area,” Duff explained. While they were gone the doctor came in said it was time to star pushing. “Things start rolling,” she continued. “All of the sudden the doors bust open and my sister and my mom come flying in. They’re like, ‘We got barbecue chips and root beer, guys.’ I [said], ‘What? I’m pushing!’ They were just arriving for a show with their chips and their root beer.”

The Lizze McGuire alum said the greatest joy is watching the evolution of Luca’s facial expressions.

“Every single day, it seems like there’s a new face that they’re making,” she said. “He started to smile about a week ago, and that’s the coolest experience. It’s all good.”

She went on to tell the pregnant audience of the “amazing journey” awaiting.

What is to come is such an amazing journey, and a lot of work,” Duff said to the moms-to-be. “It’s just like the best thing that’s ever happened to you.”

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  1. There is a big difference between “easy” and “not painful”…the process of getting to the hospital and all could have been easy but I highly doubt that the birthing process was “easy”. Although if it truly was, then lucky her!

    • Agreed. One hundred percent. I had a three hour birth for my son, Jack. At 6:30 I started contracting and by 9:36 he was in my arms. That could be considered “easy,” but the experience was most certainly not painless. I had back labor and was not allowed to get an epidural. Not painless, but absolutely worth it. 🙂

  2. Why did the doctor tell her it was time to push? Did she not feel the urge? She must have had some major pain block in effect, which would mean it wasn’t as pain intense.

    • In my, albeit limited, experience: Doctors seem to think they need to tell you when to push, and conversely, they tell you when not to push. Makes no sense to me. I would think my body knows better than they do.

  3. I had a very “easy” labor. My contractions never got bad, and I chose to get my epidural very early on. I didn’t feel anything, not even a pinch. I did however, feel the urge to push. Four pushes and we had a baby. It happens–I cheated the whole experience.

  4. My middle child was what I call easy. The delivery stage was only about 30 minutes taking even the doctor by surprise. Not painless but so fast it was what I think is meant by easy.

  5. My mother always says that her delivery with me was very “easy” since she had me in less than 3 hours with no complications, no drugs, only moderate contractions & that she felt great (considering the situation) afterwards. Kind of surprising since I was almost 11 lbs. at birth!

    So it is possible to have an “easy” birth, I guess, even with a huge baby.

  6. My first three hours of labor were also easy. My water broke at 8:30 pm and I was calm, walking around, breathing through the contractions, and thinking “wow, this is it?”. A few hours later I was in for a nasty surprise when active labor started! Hilary probably had an epidural and never “felt” active labor. My epidural didn’t work and boy, did I wish it had!

  7. My youngest was what the midwife called an easy birth since it was only 37 minutes made it to the hospital and onto the bed for the 2 pushes it took to get her out. Compared with the older ones one of which was induced and one that took 26 hours both with epidurals I guess it was easy but definately not painless and the 4 weeks of braxton hicks contractions prior to this 37 minute miracle definately were not painless! 🙂 I am glad that it was easy for her and hopefully the positive spin on this will encourage more of her young fans to not opt for unessecery cecerians or drugs. I managed only one of 3 without pain releif and had I realised how much better I would feel afterwards I would not have said yes to the epidurals the first 2 times. What we fail to mention much is that the pain instantly stops once the baby is here 🙂 That said whatever it takes for both mother and baby to come out unscathed is always the best choice you know what you can handle.

    • “What we fail to mention much is that the pain instantly stops once the baby is here”

      Exactly! And most women “recover” pretty darn quick from childbirth…. unless you had a c-section (and I can’t imagine why anyone would CHOOSE to do that).

  8. She could mean easy in the sense of no complucations, dilated fairly quickly, no episiotomy etc. I didn’t have any pain relief yet I still didn’t feel the urge to push. Midwife told me when I was fully dilated and head had started coming down. Every woman is different!

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