Jessica Simpson: Maxwell Is “Insanely Beautiful”

Sounding every bit the proud new mom, Jessica Simpson took to Twitter Friday to gush about her newborn daughter Maxwell Drew.

“I’m addicted to buying headbands with massive flowers for Maxwell on Etsy!” Jessica, 31, tweeted. “She is insanely beautiful, I can’t help but play dress up!”

Baby Maxi was born May 1 via C-section to the Fashion Star mentor and fiancé Eric Johnson. And it sounds like the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

“The baby is wearing different outfits every second,” a Simpson friend tells PEOPLE, adding that she has “a ton of” hats and onesies.


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  1. If they’re planning on calling her Maxi, can they start doing so now? It’s a stupid name too but I almost vomit everytime I see “Maxwell” when I know it’s a baby girl she’s talking about. What is up with celebrities and constantly trying to turn boy names into girl names? Maxwell, James, Finley, Rowan, etc. It’s ridiculous. It’s hard enough naming boys but now we have to take into consideration that some celebrity may use our perfectly masculine name on their little girl in the future and then our son’s name will forever be labeled “girly”.

  2. I gave my daughter a traditionally male name (she’s named after my father) and I could care less what anyone else thinks because she’s my child. I’m sure Jessica feels same way.

    I also love buying huge bows & flowers for my daughter! It’s an addiction!

    • I get the feeling that most people see how stupid and immature JS is- she could have just as well bought a doll if she thinks that motherhood is all about dressing up a baby in bows- Ive never once read or heard her say ANYTHING meaningful or realistic about raising a child. She thinks its a plaything and/or accessory!!!!!

      • Maybe that’s because sharing her baby’s name and flowered headbands is all she wants to share with you.

        Way to judge someone you don’t know.

        • Whenever Jessica Simpson speaks or tweets, she comes across as stupid and immature. I don’t have to know her personally to have an opinion about the public image she is trying to cultivate. I agree that this baby is an accessory to her. One that she will pimp out to the tabloids to keep her own name in OK, People, etc. Hope the baby has negotiated a good contract because she was conceived to further her mother’s tabloid career. At least the baby gives Jessica something other than her own flatulence and unbrushed teeth to use to get attention.

          • Yes, I’m sure that every celebrity (including this one) only has children to further their career.

            {I’m rolling my eyes so much they hurt}

  3. Yeah, I guess the hairbands are just the right thing to help her newborn look less ‘insanely beautiful’!

  4. So what she loves dressing up her new baby girl. People read too much into these quotes. Some of us mothers just enjoy dressing up our daughters. Doing so doesn’t subtract any beauty away from them or make the baby an accessory. She is a first time mom in baby bliss. Congrats to her and her family as they will be the ones to love and raise little Maxwell because with bitter people like some people on here it good this child will never encounter such negative persons.

  5. I went nutts dressing up my girls too it was part of the fun experience of being a new mom with a new baby I loved those little head bands! I see nothing wrong with this comment. Most moms I know went nutts dressing up their little girls too its just what we do you should get over your selves!

  6. i prefere called jessica simpson daughter maxine rather maxwell because maxwell is to masculine a boy name then a girl name and also an ugly name for a girl who ironically have a stupid stupid stupid blonde celeb mom whose it ditzy and unattractive. also i liked to say beyonce little girl by her middle name because it girly and blue is a color not a stupid freakn real name

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