Kate Gosselin: “I’ve Already Received The Best Gifts Ever”

“Went 2 church this am, then we dashed out 2 r pool! 80ish degrees, pure sun w/ my 8 little fish swimming! Ahh! How every Mothers day should be!” the former reality TV personality, Kate Gosselin, tweeted.

Kate and her eight little fish – aka. 11-year old twins Cara and Mady, and the sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Leah, Collin, Joel and Aaden – spent the past few days celebrating the sextuplet’s 8th birthday.

Although the reality TV show Kate Plus 8 has been cancelled, the former nurse has continued to share her family moments with the public via her new blog/website.

“I found myself marvelling at the perfect health of all six of my premature babies. It may seem as though I mention this often, but I can’t help it!” the mama bear proudly wrote, “It is truly a miracle – a full blown miracle that everyone of my infants born at 29 weeks and 5 days gestation not only survived, but are thriving at full capacity as they turn 8 years old.”

Each year when I watch my kids open their presents, they unknowingly gift me in return in the form of smiles, squeals, laughs, enjoyment and gratitude! Beyond that, I’ve already received the best gifts ever… I got a full set of 6, eight years ago and added them to my perfect 2 pack I already had in my collection! Talk about being blessed! :)”

“We each rise to the call of duty, otherwise known as our children!” the 37-year old shared. “Each child has their unique traits and needs. It’s our job to meet them. Because of this, it brings us extra joy to celebrate each year.”


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  1. She is just the poor excuse for an oven that baked them. Test tubes and science created the kids. She couldn’t even do that correctly.

  2. I sooo reckon Kate gosselin herself replies anonymously too stick up for herself lol!

    Loved the show before it went too poo

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