Katherine Heigl & Josh Kelley: Bringing Out The Babe

Katherine Heigl and family were spotted on Sunday (May 13) in Los Angeles, Calif to celebrate Mother’s Day along with Heigl’s mom, Nancy. Three year old Naleigh – who wore a pretty white dress with a pink sash – was being toted around by the nanny. Proud papa, Josh Kelley, was photographed bringing his new daughter to the festivities.

The Knocked Up star and her hubby have been keeping the news of their second adopted child quiet, however they have started to bring the babe out for regular daily activities.

The Grey’s Anatomy alum has looked up to her mother for helping her become who she is today and uses her knowledge to influence her own children.

“It breaks my heart that the task of raising well-rounded, happy young adults has been made to be so very challenging, but I will rise to the challenge because Naleigh deserves the same shot at living up to her potential as I got,” Katherine insists. “My mother taught me strength, courage, discipline, and faith so I will rely on those lessons now to teach my daughter the same.”

The singer-songwriter and the One For The Money actress were photographed the day before while visiting a friend’s house. Kelley was spotted carrying their newest family member in her baby carrier.


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  1. Seriously can people stop saying that’s Katherine’s sister, Meg? It’s most definitely not. I believe it’s their nanny.

    • That’s her sister. There have been pix of her around for years. That’s part of the reason Katherine adopted from Korea, because her beloved sister was adopted from Korea. Why stir cr@p?

      • How can that be her sister when the lady in the pictuer above is white and katherine sister is Korean?

        This is Kath sister Mag:


        And this is the nanny:


        Clearly the woman on the picture above is the nanny and not her sister.

  2. Pretty sure Naleigh is being carried by Katherine’s sister. This is why people assume celebs have hundreds of nannies. Anytime they are photographed with an unidentified non-celeb the media labels it a nanny.

    • I just look it up Katherine has 2 older siblings a bother who died In 1986 and a sister who is Is adopted and Asian, so the lady holding naleigh in the above pictuer who is white can not posable be her sister.

      So my guess is that your wrong becuase the lady looks just like their nanny who has been pictuered with daughter alot lately.

  3. So on Mother’s Day with her husband and Mum around, she can’t do without a Nanny? On Mother’s Day?!! I could barely let my babies go yesterday, so proud I was to have them to hold. Ugh, this article makes me cringe.

  4. Get over it. They don’t live your life. For them that is totally normal and the children have more than enough loving attention. It doesn’t take much to set people off!

    That is not Katherine’s sister holding Naleigh as her sister is Asian.

  5. I like Katherine but why can’t she carry her own kid she not holding anything. I just never get it when you see pictuers of a celeb who are not holding anything has the nanny carying their child or pushing the kid in stroller.

    Anyway you can see here two pics off there new baby girl here she cute.

    • You don’t have to get it and she doesn’t have to explain it to you. How she chooses to care for her children is her business.

      • Did I say she owned me explain no I don’t think so, it was a rhetorical question.

        If you feel I should mind my own business, then take your own advice and mind yours.

    • What’s to “get”? Do you think that people are walking around critiquing every move you make? No? Then why would you do it?

      Her reason could be anything from her back is sore, or the nanny picked her up first, or she was holding something else and just put it down, or she just hates her kid and doesn’t want to hold her. Point is: Who cares? Speculating just sounds dumb.

        • What you say in the comments here is other people’s business because you make it other people’s business by commenting in a public forum. That’s what the “reply” buttons are for. If you don’t want people to respond you should keep your comments to yourself. A celeb’s personal parenting choices, on the other hand, really aren’t your business just because she happens to be famous.

        • The other poster didn’t tell you not to critique. They just said you sound dumb for critiquing, and I agree.

    • It’s very clear that people who constantly bring up the nanny issue (with this woman and Gwen Stefani) have an agenda. The only reasons I can think of for them to constantly point out that these women have nannies with them is:

      a) they’re jealous that they don’t have 24/7 help — and I really think this is the big one.

      b) they think these women are bad mothers for having help — in which case, so what? Do you REALLY feel the need to point out that you are a better parent than a celebrity? If so, wow, how does that even work?

      c) they think nannies are unnecessary — in which case, how would they know anything about these people’s schedules and whether a full-time nanny was needed?

      d) they critique everything.

  6. Has it ever occured to anyone that maybe Naleigh wants the nanny to carry her? I go out with friends kids and many times they only want to hold my hand, have me push their stroller, or have me carry them. NBD if you ask me.

    I don’t see the big issues with nannies. If you can afford them have them. Most people don’t just get strange people over and over to watch their kids. Nannies become family and they care for your children like their own.

  7. Maybe she can’t carry the little girl because those boots are too high!! Why would anyone wear boots in this weather?? This lady has no fashion sense!!!

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