Ava Sambora & Heather Locklear: Mother’s Day Smiles

Ava Sambora and her mom Heather Locklear enjoyed a family lunch at Corrigan’s Steak House in Thousand Oaks, Calif. on Mother’s Day (May 13). The pair happily posed for a picture together.

Heather could be seen carrying a printed family photo as she left the restaurant – perhaps a Mother’s Day gift?

Ava’s dad Richie Sambora is currently dating Denise Richards. Heather has given them her blessing.

The Huffington Post reports, “Over the summer, Heather called Denise over and apologized for how ugly it got in the press when she first started dating Richie. This was before they got back together. So when Denise and Richie started seeing each other again, Denise didn’t want to move forward unless Heather was OK with it. Then Heather called and said she was happy for the two of them.”


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  1. Heather… please stop messing with your face! She’s officially got puffy-face, teeny-eyed plastic surgery syndrome!

  2. Heather looks fine, she’s 50 years old for god’s sake, At least she doesn’t look like deer in headlights like Duh-neese .. I think Heather is much more attractive than her.

  3. Heather wreaks of trash these days. She is nowhere near the woman she used to be

    She looks awful as well

    Poor Ava with a mother like that

  4. Heather looks great. She’s 50, not 25. How easy it is to judge and criticize when we hide behind our computers.

  5. Heather is beautiful and hotttt…. so shes 50?.. all these commenteers are simply jealous because they never before came close to looking anything like heather.. they are weak followers, sheeple , buying in to the commercial youth obsessed american society’s crucifixion of women because they havent overdosed by 26.. heather is so sexy… hotter than probably 95 percent of the population . Im reading these comments in disbelief . how many of you would keep your looks if a trade with heather were offered… heather is beautiful and her daughter is beautiful and the people who wrote these comments are simply jealous… “poor ava? with a mother like that??? ” 100 bucks says the write of that comment is either a fat ugly pig or a guy who doesnt get laid…

  6. if that’s awful, i hope i look that awful when i’m her age! it’s a candid photo, she didn’t have hair and makeup done beforehand by industry pros and no magazine photoshopping — just your average candid photo! how great do you think YOU look in those?

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